Friday, February 10, 2017

Faceless: Week 6 Photo Challenge

 "I can't hear you! I'm listening to music even though I'm faceless!"

    Coming up with a faceless image was interesting. I was at an electronics store today and asked the worker if I could take a photo of this faceless bust. He obliged! I'm just not allowed to use it as advertising, which I'm not. I shared with him why I was needing the photo. 
I made it through the work week even though now I'm just tired. Worked two half days and other two days were full days. Now my voice is not the best and I need to get to urgent care to get help with a type of skin issue on my lower left leg. It's not gotten any better and no appointments available here in town. I have to drive out of town to visit an urgent care within my medical insurance network, which I find odd. That's ok. The urgent care here in town isn't the best what I've heard so I can't complain much. While out I can pick up a few things I need for my birthday get together next weekend with family. And go to a craft store that's close.     
The weather has been cool, actually high 50s a couple days and there's been alot of rain and flooding of rivers. Yesterday I sold 6 sump pumps at work and two on Wed. More were ordered in as well.  I'm hoping Carrie feels better and is back at work next week. She was out all week and another co-worker was about as bad as me. This virus is going around and it's taking awhile for people to get over it.  So I'm trying to take it easy and do what I need to do, like I did today. Renew my driver's license and shop for groceries, which I've not done for a week or two! Really! Thankful that Megan was able to shop for me last weekend. Sweet! The air felt so good today I drove home with window open and opened a couple house windows to let in fresher air! Maybe that's why I feel better right now. Have a good weekend and thanks for your sweet comments. I'll be back soon with more posts that are way overdue! Hugs and prayers, my friends!


mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to hear you are still not fully recovered, there are certainly some rotten virus's about at the moment. Sending you a hug and hoping you will feel better soon.

Betsy said...

I'm glad you're improving a bit Becky. This virus that's going around is not any fun and almost makes me glad I'm confined to the house. Dennis has been doing all of our shopping for about three weeks now. I make a list and he goes and buys it. We're supposed to hit 40° today! Yeehaw! It's been a long, long time since we've been that warm. Take it easy and feel better.

Anonymous said...

Nice that the clerk let you photograph that face. Good for you for sticking to this photo challenge!

weekend-windup said...

Happy to hear about your health improvement. It was nice to to see faceless photo...