Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unusual Shapes:Week 8 Photo Challenge

So far, this week's challenge has been the most challenging. Every where I went I looked for unusual shapes. I ended up finding 3 items in the hardware store where I work. I was done looking and thinking! One co-worker was putting away the pencil compass/scribe and he showed it to me. There were a few more unusual shaped items close to it. On my lunch break I went over to the section and pulled out 2 more items that looked relatively unusual in shape. I took the compass along with the pin vise and contour gauge to the lunch room with me. I photographed them on top of a brown paper bag. Another co-worker, who carves, told me these items help make unusual shapes.
I was out and about at Bauman fruit farm after work yesterday. I looked around to find something of unusual origin but found nothing. It was late and store was closed after I purchased my marionberry sale items. Nothing outdoors neither. Oh well!  I drove home with an interesting sky above with big clouds, but nothing of interest.  It was nice to have no rain either, as we drove to our Bible study a few miles away last evening.  I may go back to Baumans with camera tomorrow as there were  reflections in the overflow of rain of big puddles by trees and plants.  Much rain here earlier this week and last week and now threat of snow, but I doubt it will be here on the valley floor. I really hope not as we have plans for the weekend! Take care! Have you seen an unusual shape lately? 


mamasmercantile said...

The wind really did whip up some unusual shapes yesterday and left behind it quite a lot of damage, not least to the gatepost and shed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I have tried a number of years to do the 365 Day Photo Challenge and end up missing so many days. Maybe I should try the weekly challenge. Love your photos.