Thursday, March 23, 2017

Computers:Week 12 Photo Challenge

This week's challenge I brought together old and new computer items. On the lap top home screen saver is a photo of me and my four girlfriends from two years ago. We grew up in the age of no home computers nor cell phones. On the tablet, to the left of the screen, is a photo I took of a machine that once measured fabric. My cell phone, to the right of the screen, shows android update. On keyboard are two sizes of floppy disks  and a cord that went from interface to a computer, if I remember correctly. The last 3 items were ones we still have in our house. We've not gotten rid of everything from the past. Yet. Isn't it amazing how technology has changed so much in our lives. 
As usual, our lives have been busy with work. I'm always relieved to have the work week over with these past few weeks. Work has been busy and an hour or two before the day is over, my body is ready to get a rest. I've not been on a walk all week. I was hoping to this evening. No, the rain decided to wait til evening and then it has been raining steady since late afternoon. I'm not one to don a long rain coat and hat and walk in the rain, as Phil does. I do have a rain coat, shorter and warm but I don't like getting my pants all wet. And cold. I'm just done with the day and found bills to pay. Dishes to do and put away laundry that my sore armed rfid tagging daughter Megan folded this evening. She had heavy books to do today by herself. It takes a toll on her shoulder that was injured years ago in Navy boot camp. Never been helped and now it's too late. I'm just not liking her pain through her days. Thankful she does get over it. Praying she gets a good paying job that will not require lifting heavy items. Oh the momma still is concerned even after the little ones grow up. I'll always love her and her brother, Justin. They are special to me, in many ways.   
The tulip festival opens up this weekend but most of the field is still green.

I look forward to a bit more dry days ahead, somewhere! There will be mud but that's why there's boots to wear. Not sure what the forecast is next week.  I enjoy going out there and taking photos, every year. It's so pretty and gets me out into the country. 
Take care and thanks for coming by for a visit!
God bless you, one and all!


Betsy said...

Rain, rain and more rain. We had a beautiful day yesterday, but during the night the rain began. Probably the same system that brought yours in the evening! Now we're supposed to have rain consistently for a week or so. There is SO much flooding here because of the major snow melt and now rain. The ground just can't hold anymore moisture.

I enjoyed your look at the past. Yes, technology has sure changed things since we were kids. I'm not sure it's always for the better even though I love communicating with friends I've made through the internet.

We never stop worrying and caring about our kids. That's the way God made us. A mother's heart is an amazing thing. I hope you can relax a bit this weekend Becky.

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT photo of you in the big wooden shoes-love it!!! Hope sunny spring weather comes to the PNW soon.
Wishing you a blessed Sunday.