Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jewellry:Week 13 Photo Challenge

On Monday evening, after dinner and nobody to bother me, I gathered up some of my jewelry. Evening light was waning so I made the best effort of using what's left of daylight instead of using my flash. In the midst of the necklaces and bracelets sits my prized jewelry.  My wedding ring. The necklace to the far right belonged to my mom. I have it hanging with my other necklaces and sometimes wear it. Good memories.  The wood stump they are displayed on is from my neighbor's tree. It fell over in the fall when there was a wind storm. He saved a piece for me so I could use it for photography projects.  I hope you are enjoying the photo challenges I've posted so far. Which one is your favorite and why? 

Many people are getting tired of the rain we are having. It has been a cooler spring than normal and less sunshine. Rivers are close to flood stage. Mud is prevalent in fields and I'll need boots when I go to the tulip farm next week. Hopefully I can find out which weekend the hot air balloons are going to be there and photograph them and the tulips. The tulip colors are appearing this weekend, from what I hear from tulip farmer. Yippee!
I'm hoping to see my grandchildren later this week. Am going to an outdoor garden
show of different nursery vendors this weekend with a co-worker/friend. I will wear boots even though it's not going to rain, allegedly. Oh dear, the rain is appearing right now as I write....heavy rain, as it's been, on and off this afternoon. Wind blew heavy
this early morning. That's what woke me up! 

Megan finishes her CERT class this weekend and graduates, with a final test at class. 
CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. 
Volunteers that help at events to help people if hurt before emergency people get there; natural disasters; to name a few. Quite interesting thing to do for the community. One never knows when disaster will strike. One must be prepared. 

Found out this afternoon that friends of ours, who live in TX were with the group of people from First Baptist New Branfels church returning home from a retreat.  Bart and Kathy were riding in a car, not in the van that was hit by a pickup . They weren't hurt. People in the van and pickup were killed. So sad for our friends. And to see all of it happen, more than likely.
Prayers appreciated for this loss. Bart and Kathy used to pastor at the church
we attended when we lived in New Mexico, years ago.

On a happier note, I've been getting Easter goodies together for my grandchildren. They may just get them this weekend, since we probably won't be with them on Easter.
Over the weekend, I went shopping at TJ Maxx then over to Walmart. I love all these colors.
Until next time, enjoy your week and God bless you!


Betsy said...

Our weather has been very similar to yours. Heavy rain yesterday and today resulting in a lot of flooding. I was out driving today and water is over the curbs in a lot of places. The rivers are all flooding. We're going to see our grandchildren in Missoula this weekend. Our son and the kids will drive there from Helena to meet us and we're getting a hotel for a couple of nights. I'm sure looking forward to that. I haven't gone anywhere for over a year. Sure hope it dries out soon and doesn't rain much for the drive. I'm sorry to hear about your friends. What a tragic thing to happen to the people that they knew.
Blessings, Betsy

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hello, Becky, lovely collection of jewelry and so nicely photographed. Congratulations to your daughter on her class. Such an amazing and selfless thing to do for the community. You must be so proud of her. I heard about that crash on the incredibly tragic. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families and friends. Your friends must be so traumatized. I am sending prayers....Your little grandchildren will love their Easter treats. I hope you have a good time touring the gardens. This rain is just awful. I read in the newspaper that it has broken all records for the two month period up here in WA state. I think you have had even more than us! Maybe we will have a nice summer to make up for it! Sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

Teresa Kasner said...

Your jewelry looks fun. I have so much since I made jewelry to sell for years.. I need to sell some on my Etsy store. Have fun giving your grandchildren their Easter goodies! Our 2 grandsons are having their birthdays in the next few days - one turns 8 and his brother turns 9 4 days later. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda W. said...

Love the bright pastel Easter colors in your last photo! Enjoy the tulips!

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Becky! I have just visited all your posts from the first of February on to catch up on your news. I am so sorry you were sick, and I am adding my prayers to yours for all in need of comfort, wisdom and provision after the tragic accidents in the fire and the recent van accident. Your birthday celebrations sounded like fun and I hope you have a wonderful year! [Lilies sometimes give me a headache, too.] I enjoy seeing your photos and learning about what you are learning about taking them. I especially admire the candle photo you took. The dishcloth you knit is lovely! I hope you are able to see the tulips and the hot air balloons! May the Lord bless you and yours. xx