Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Busy Life

My three day weekends are busy and full of some fun. Friday was a beautiful day of sunshine and clouds and a moon behind clouds in the night.  Such a change from the week of snow surprise on Monday then rain and warm, humid temps and wind.
Last evening I went to a LuLaRue showing which was hosted by my friend, Briana, and her mom, Maria. I'd heard of this clothing and seen a legging that was so fun. So I decided to check it out. That's after stopping at Burgerville and buying the last chance chocolate hazelnut yogurt shake. I get it instead of a milkshake...better for me, less calories. It was so good with my little hamburger. Never know what goodies there will be at the party! The first piece of clothing I tried on were these leggings. I wound up wearing the entire time I was there. Therefore I bought them. There were so many choices and I picked what was my first choice without trying another color scheme on.

I did try on a dress but it was larger than I wished and can't order them. Only so many are made and rarely are there two of the same items.  Size smaller would have worked but didn't like the design so no go. At least I know what fits me and maybe I'll look again for a nice short sleeve dress in something I like. Later. The skirts were too long for me. Maxi isn't a good option. Does $55 sound high for a dress? Yes but it's hard to find one my size but then again I still look at TJMaxx which is my favorite clothing store to shop. 

Today was a baking kind of day. It was a cloudy day but little rain. Early afternoon I made ranger cookies. I've not baked cookies in awhile. Time to stock the cookie jar again. Then at dinner time I made drop biscuits. Enough for our dinner and more to eat later. They'll be in the freezer soon. It helps with dinners during the week.

A forgotten part of my birthday gift from my friend, Tamara, was found and given to me Tuesday when we ate at Denny's after we got off work. I really like it! British flag and tea pot all in one! 

Today I went through some piles of papers I've laid aside. Trying to find a paper that I sketched out quilt I am making Melody. But not found it yet. I tend to move things around and it's got to be somewhere! I do find items I bought and then got put in another spot. That's where I put that! Sigh! Grandma's disorganized for sure! I'm working on that though. I remember the lay out of how many blocks wide and length. I need to preshrink the cloth then get to cutting, which is the hardest part.
Evening's been busy, with going on a walk while it was still light, then dinner and Phil kindly washed dishes twice. It helped out alot. I did some as well. Such a mess but that's what happens when I bake then bake again. Good thing it was soup night. Easy clean up, second time around. Now I must bid you farewell til next time and drink my tea and head for bed early. It's daylight savings time...set clocks ahead one hour! Sigh!
Take care and enjoy your weekend!


Betsy said...

I like your leggings. Purple!!! I have never enjoyed clothes shopping. I rate it with having teeth pulled! :-). It looks like you had a productive day. We spent the day looking at RV's until,my back rebelled and I had to hit the recliner. I thought walking round would be easy exercise, but I think going up next down the stairs were what did me in. We're trying to make retirement plans and still don't know why we're doing for sure. *sigh*. Have a lovely Sunday celebrating our Lord!

Teresa Kasner said...

Good for you to get a pair of those.. so many people are selling them. I am not even going to try them on.. I know they don't make them in my size. I've been wanting some home made cookies... you inspire me! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)