Friday, April 7, 2017

Fruit:Week 14 Photo Challenge

"Time to eat your fruit," say the rabbits at my house!
I decided to do a bit of fun with my challenge this week. I'd taken a photo of fruit at grocery store then other people had other nice shots of creativity so I thought I'd better try to be creative too. Get out of my zone of laziness and do something spontaneous like using stuffed rabbits for props. The banana needs eaten soon or it may turn into be in banana bread!

      It's been a good work week. It's been quite busy all week and I've had a rather good week of optimism at work. Good sleep at night helps. I remembered a quote from our pastor awhile back saying "Intend to Attend. Attend to Intend" (as in being intentional.) I mess up, occasionally, as I'm ringing a customer's purchases up and I don't like that at all. So I am trying to concentrate on the moment and keep my head in the game. I'm thankful for patient and understanding customers. 
        We woke to wind this morning. I donned a coat and shoes to go outside and rescue plants. Ones wind would devastate if weather stays stormy. Wind gusts predicated and incoming rain. Landline phone is out.  Pixelated people on tv. Radio was fuzzy but seems working now. Dr appt today, finally. Two weeks ago they cancelled due to downed internet which took out phones. Hopefully some answers for my skin issue will be given. Better but still there. It's getting old but I shouldn't complain.  I've been goofing off awhile and peeking outside so I best get breakfast and on with my day.  God bless and happy day!!


Betsy said...

The wind just started howling here about 1/2 hour ago. Thanks a lot! LOL I like your bunny and fruit photo. It was, indeed, very creative. I sure hope the doctor is able to help you. You've been dealing with it long enough. Have a lovely afternoon my friend.

Kathy said...

Your fruit picture is just too cute! Very creative.

Hope you get some answers from the doctor. Even things that aren't life threatening can be annoying.

Have a good evening and a great day tomorrow.

Gracie Saylor said...

A sweet photo, but so sorry for the worrisome weather! xx