Saturday, April 29, 2017

Shoes:Week 17 Photo Challenge

There's always shoes around our house, especially the living room where Megan and I put some of our shoes. More hers than mine. That would be one shoe pile to photograph if I didn't find anything else interesting. Phil and I went to the coast on Thurs. The stopping point for lunch was 
Camp 18 Restaurant. The food was delicious and so was the venue of logging items around the room. More lumber machines outdoors. The loggers' boots typically are called calk or cork boots. Leather with nail soled boots worn by lumberjacks in timber producing regions of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. They are worn for traction in the woods and each logger received one pair per year from the company. It is also worn in timber rafting. I liked the photo of the loggers with their boots on as well. 

 Phil and I seem to get away in April nearly every year. This year we went to Seaside, where we spent one night. I was hoping for two nights but I decided not to push any further. It can irritate him and then he'd be unhappy which would make me unhappy. Which we experienced a wee bit on Friday as plans went awry. But it all came out ok in the end. Even though we were tired by the time we got home, we expanded our knowledge a bit on Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsop. Went to Fort Stevens as well. There were batteries which housed big guns, WWII and Civil War. Close to the coast and Columbia River. None were ever fired but didn't know what would happen with Japan setting off WWII with Pearl Harbor. The weather was cool on Thurs, a bit warmer on Friday and by that afternoon there was sunshine. We enjoyed a walk on the beach before eating dinner and driving home. I've got many photos to bore share with you. This afternoon after getting a few groceries, I got my car washed. It was dirty before we went on our trip. A big muddy livestock truck sloshed water all over the front and driver's side last Sat. Oh goodness!! Bird pooped on my car on our trip. Then there's sand. I tried out Touchless Car Wash where I drove car through and sat. Machine went back and forth over my car. I liked how my windshield looks compared to Purdy's Car Wash. Will see. This one is a bit more expensive but I had a $4 off coupon to use so it made it same price at the other place. I still have more laundry to do...a coat and a couple new sweatshirts and make cookies tomorrow. No rest for the weary but I do find it eventually!
Take care and have an enjoyable weekend!


Linda W. said...

Sounds like a fun outing! I was at seaside for a conference a couple weeks ago but only got a chance to see the beach once.

mamasmercantile said...

Its always so nice to be able to get away, looking forward to seeing the photos. Take care.

Gracie Saylor said...

Interesting photo and facts on the loggers boots, Becky! I'm glad you had a mostly good time at the beach...I think that Fort C. is very fun to visit. Blessing on your days ahead! xx

Betsy said...

I'm glad you had. A good time at the beach. I enjoyed learning more about the loggers boots too! Are you still thinking of heading our way anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

The coast is always neat and I love Camp 18! Glad you had a good time😊