Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last Week in Photos

 Hello my friends. It's time to do a bit of catching up on my photo memories from last week. My lilacs came alive and now are blooming. I'm enjoying the deep, rich purple color. We plan on seeing Hulda Klager lilac garden in Woodland WA this weekend. We missed last year even though it was on calendar. Watching 2 grandchildren pre-empted us going.

 A co-worker brought in leftover Easter eggs so I snagged one at lunch time.
 Later on Wed after work I stopped at credit union. Across the lawn were two fire trucks. They had been at a fire in town. Smaller tender was filling up with water, most likely. It's from a tiny town. A pole barn caught fire behind Al's garden center and Les Schwab. Good thing it was called in quickly!
We've had trouble with a pesky woodpecker. So much so that I purchased a scarecrow owl from the hardware store. Phil put it up on a pvc pipe on our garage. Then he moved it to the house, in attempt to keep the pesky woody woodpecker away. We've not seen it in a while...found out it's no longer around. But this great horned owl did help for awhile. Woodpecker was messing with our neighbors as well.
Our door step with my rabbits and tulip opened in the sun!
Hellebore....Lenten Rose.
Ranuluacas that Megan bought as they were so pretty. She likes to buy a new flower every year to remember her grandma Francis by. She loved flowers.
My mess of flowers right now. I need to get them looking better, in pots and arranged nicely.
Chinese lantern plant is amazing. I thought all the old parts would be gone. But here I see a seed pod within? I really like it. Once I got back from our trip to the coast, there were alot more leaves. I am happy it's growing well. It should with all the rain we've had lately. Then some sun but not enough that we'd like to have this time of year. Alot of people are pessimistic about our Oregon weather this year. But it could be a  lot worse!
A solar butterfly that I got on sale that will be outside soon. I can go with my bird I bought in memory of my mom 3 years ago. This one can be for my dad, since it's green and blue,  some of the colors he usually wore.
Last Wednesday I took this photo of eggs that Vicki still had out from Easter. The light shining through the window just made them so pretty. I took a quick shot before Bible study started.
Last Thurs Phil and I headed for Seaside. Our stopping point for lunch was Camp 18 Restaurant. It's on Hwy 26, in Elsie, about 18 miles to Seaside. Food was so good.  Many choices narrowed down to one BBQ shredded pork sandwich with potato salad and iced tea. I took half of it with us in a carry out container as I was so full. Phil had fish and chips, which was tasty as well.
Close to our table was an elk. Thank goodness he wasn't alive nor hungry.
Evening came in Seaside and I captured this on my cell phone while taking photos on my Canon T3. I wanted my friends on Facebook to see how nice the coast looked. We'd had too much rain that week and weren't sure of what the latter part of the week was going to be like.
On Saturday afternoon, I had a few errands to run in town. The last one was to get my dirty car washed. I went to a different car wash, a few miles into another smaller town. Touchless Car Wash. I had a $4 off coupon to use from the tulip festival booklet that was given out when I was at the festival the other week. Interesting soap, etc colors onto my windshield. Loved how my car looked, better than before. Better than when I go to other car wash. It seemed to leave water spots on my car in places when this didn't. Also windshield much cleaner as well....or maybe a figment of my imagination? Car was dirty before our trip...and then the weekend before a livestock truck sloshed my car with yucky water on half the car! EEUUOO!!!  😾

This evening when we got to Bible study the rhododendrons were blooming in the driveway. A lovely color and there were more in the back as well, when I stepped out on the balcony. Paul and Vicki have a lovely house and I enjoy going there. I get so enthused about other people's houses then I come to mine and wish it was a bit better. But it's ok, as it's ours and I'm thankful for what I have.  There will be improvements over time.  As one can say, it's a first world problem! We're richer than many other people in our world so I can need to be grateful for what God has given us. 

I'm thankful for a warmer day that started out with a bit of fog on my way to work this morning. Sun overcame the fog and it got quite warm in the store as a/c didn't run all the time. At present time it's 72 degrees F, was 80 earlier. Tomorrow 83 and chance of thunderstorms, and rain on Friday with 58 as high?! Interesting but weekend looks nice and in 60s and a good time to be out. 
Continued prayers for daughter as she's still looking for work. And our granddaughter Lydia turned one years old today! Check out the link for photos, if you wish. We weren't there when the party happened, but we will be with them later in the month to celebrate hers and her big sis, Melody's 9th birthday! My how time flies when we're having fun!

Now this tired grandma needs to fold laundry, finish making tea for my lunch tomorrow and head for bed before midnight! 


Sue in Suffolk said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, What lovely photos of your flowers.

Betsy said...

Such a fun, newsy post Becky. The Chinese lantern plant is amazing. In fact, I enjoyed all of your flower photos. We're just starting to see things bud out here this week. We've had the same crazy weather you guys have. Today is supposed to be 83 and tomorrow we're having the thunderstorms that you're predicted to have today. Of course the weekend will be cool. Even if it's nice during the week the weekends seem to be cool Dennis wants to know what's up with that? I need to get my car wash too. I washed it last week, but there were so many layers of grime on it that it didn't come completely clean! I hope you have a lovely day my friend and enjoy the sunshine.
Blessing's, Betsy

Linda W. said...

Lovely lilacs! It's so pretty outside right now with all the blooming plants.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your lilac is a rich color, I'm just about to go out and cut a bouquet of them before the rain ruins them. It looks like you've been busy enjoying life and all around you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Lovely and interesting photos, Becky. You have some sweet things to remember your loved ones with. I'm glad the owl worked! I'm praying Megan will soon find just the right job. Every time I think I should wash the car lately, it rains...more! Blessing on you and yours. xx