Thursday, May 25, 2017

Patterns: Week 20 Photo Challenge

There are so many patterns to choose from in this world. Nature or manmade. I chose my blooming rhododendron in our front lawn. The weather's been warm and the blooms are so pretty. Can you see the pattern in the flowers and blooms that are just starting to appear? It's in full bloom now all over the bush. Most lovely in the morning and evening light.


My lovely peony finally opened up it's first bloom of this season . I took photo right before I went on our walk with Phil after dinner. I'm hoping to repot it for next year after it blooms. I've got a few plants that need to have bigger pots as well. I hope to do a few this weekend!
The evening light on the heritage birch tree in the side lawn. Pretty in the evening of a semi warm day...about 75 degrees F.  Each day it's now into the 80s through the weekend, with no rain in sight. I'm happy the sun has decided to stay for awhile. Work has been busy these last few days and by evening my feet are done being on demand! My ankles protested while we walked this evening but it was a beautiful walk with no need for a coat, although Phil had his sweatshirt on for his first lap. I brought it in with me while he walked another lap by himself.  No big plans for weekend, as we stay home instead of travelling the highways and byways. I work on Monday. Meeting with the other part of our family finally part of the weekend for food and park time and watching the grands play around on swings is fun. So glad they are feeling better.

  Megan has a job interview on Friday. Another possible job in the offing but she needs to get in touch of HR lady again. Megan's last day working RFID tagging at county libraries was today. A bit scary but I know God has something in mind for her, job wise. I'd be grateful if you'd pray for her.

  Last week I did go to the dermatologist and found that I have eczema on my legs. It is getting better since the weather has changed for the better. That is an answer to prayer.

  Oh and am meeting two girlfriends for lunch. Laura is feeling better and she requested that we get together soon for lunch. The last one was cancelled in Feb near our birthdays.  I'm excited to see her and Beth again! My buddies from the early days!

Have a good weekend and appreciate all the readers I have that recently started reading my blog. Comments are fun to read and appreciated  Do stop in, don't be shy. Let me know you've been here! 
God bless you and keep you!


Kathy said...

Your flowers are lovely. I have to get somewhere and get some for my garden. I would have sooner except it has rained for a week now. Looks like the sun is out this morning so this might be the day to work outside. Sorry about Megan's job. I'll be praying that the right thing opens up for her.

Gracie Saylor said...

Just prayed for Megan's job, and am believing with you the Lord will open up just the right job soon. Your flowers are gorgeous! Isn't this an exciting time of year with so many wonderful blooms around? I hope your family is well so that you can get together this weekend. Special blessings for you as you work Monday! xx

mamasmercantile said...

I will certainly be praying for Megan and hope that she finds a new job soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Linda W. said...

The rhodies are so pretty right now. You have a nice one in your yard. Have a great holiday weekend!

Betsy said...

Hi Becky! I'm glad you finally have a diagnoses and that your legs are getting better. That peony is a gorgeous color! I miss all of the bushes my Mom had when I was a little girl. I have prayed for Megan and will continue to pray that God will place her just where she will flourish and share His love with all that she meets. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

Mereknits said...

Hi Becky, love your photos. Hope you daughter finds the job of her dreams, it is still tough out there to find the right thing at decent pay. As for your skin, my husband has that and he uses really pure shea butter, it helps.