Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bridge: Week 22 Photo Challenge

I've wanted a chance to photograph the I-5 bridge near our home. A few years ago the bridge was widened and it's helped the area, for the most part. Alot of traffic flows through here, especially with the outlet mall and drag strip, special events in the area. I waited til it was dark to capture the best shot of this bridge with purple lights. Most exclusive looking over pass in the state of Oregon. Megan went with me so I wouldn't be alone in the dark. I drove the car to the spot I wanted. We'd just got back from eating with our family on Sunday late afternoon. Tired but still needed to get this photo. Chilly and so thankful I had my sweater jacket in the car. I used my tripod and zoom lens to capture this photo. Occasionally the colors change on the bridge. 

Yesterday afternoon I picked out a free drink at work, again. This time I tried black cherry lemonade. I liked it better than the strawberry one I had last time. I drank the remainder of it for dinner, by myself. But Megan made the dinner as she went to Bible study before I got home. Phil worked overtime.  The key on my purse is one I picked out of the 99 cent bin at work. Miss Piggy and Kermit. I had it cut once we got our new door lock put in. A memory of Phil and me, through the nearly 40 years we've been married ( this Oct). We've enjoyed the Muppet show for years!

Here's some photos of Sail-ly, the artistic balloon character I had made at Fest of Sail over the weekend, in Coos Bay. That's were Phil and I were. She's sitting in the car, waiting patiently for us after we got to Bandon Friday evening.
Sail-ly waiting for me to pick her up and go to car and leave for home on  Sat. a.m. Cup of hot tea from breakfast. 

Sail-ly resting at home with some stuffed bunny friends! She's still around, not sure if I'll pop her in a few days. It's been a fun thing for me...this grandma likes to have some fun!

These lovely roses are in the median where we walk across the street to the other side on Sunday evening. We went to Red Robin and friends of ourselves came in behind us. So we sat together and talked and laughed and got to know more about each other a bit more. They are younger than us.. Rebecca is our son's age and her husband IR, is from another country. So we had a good conversation going. Met my co-worker with her family as well!

I gave Megan money to get Pioneer Woman magazine that just came out today at Walmart! She picked it while she was out and about today. Only 3 copies left on the stand. so I'm glad I had her get it early in the day. I doubted any would be left once I got off work tonight. It is a nice magazine! I have looked through it already and found a cake I might make for our anniversary party. Or not. So many choices to think of. I am going to order a subscription of the magazine.
I'm off to get a few things done. I'm thankful I'm caught up with laundry and grocery shopping a couple days after we got home. Always something to do once back home.  Used cash to shop and eat. 3 fill ups on my car. One night prior, once on Friday as we were 230 miles, then about that much when we stopped at to fill up before we got home. $60 gas{cash} total. I like to save up money to use on excursions and not use much credit. Use that for the hotel bill. Our debit card is secure so we can use it at a few places as well. Money ran low and so used it.  Just some thoughts on money usage and how to stay out of debt when going on vacation. Paying credit down in that month that I spent it helps as well.  Take care and have a good week!!


Betsy said...

I like your balloon mascot. Don't pop him/her! Enjoy while it's still inflated. :-) Love the colors on the bridge. You know purple is my favorite color too. Glad you snagged a copy of the magazine. I haven't been so lucky. I can't believe I've been following her since she first started blogging and only had a few hundred followers. I used to get personal notes from her all of the time. Now, she's mega popular and I haven't heard personally from her in years. Oh well. Such is fame! :-) We're having our 39th anniversary in September. I think we've talked about that before, how closely we were married. I would do it all again! Have a lovely day my friend.

mamasmercantile said...

What a great photo of the bridge, the lights really are quite dramatic and add to the beauty.

Linda W. said...

I know that bridge! ODOT did a great job on the decorative railing but I had no idea it also lit up at night.