Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vintage Flea Fun

Just this past week marked my 12th year at the hardware store. My manager bought me an ice cream from the vendor freezer. I chose this one since I like Oreo cookies....nice treat on my last break of the day on Thursday! My how time has flown by and how many people have come and gone since I've been there. Mostly good people!

Saturday afternoon Megan and I headed into Canby for lunch at Burgerville. Of course both of us had chocolate yogurt shakes with lunch. I rarely get them but need to drink something different than iced tea or soda.  Afterwards we met up with my friendly co-worker, Carrie, and her boyfriend at this farm. They were having a Vintage Flea market. We spent 2.5 hours there, looking at many fun things that we could buy. 

My one item I've been looking for was finally purchased! An old window from an old house!  Panes are about 8x10" size and I'm going to put photos of something behind each pane eventually. Possibly tulips, since I have so many photos of them. I was happy to get this window at a reduced price of $27 instead of $45!  My thought is to paint it and then put photos in it. Chalkboard paint? Not sure yet. 

I hauled the window out to the car. Went back in and helped Megan bring things out to the car. Then I went back to get a soda as I needed the caffeine from a Pepsi and a home made orange cranberry scone to share with Megan. I stopped to take a photo of this puddle to show you how muddy it was out there. I'm glad I wore thicker but comfortable shoes. Good on my feet. Look! Someone dropped a couple strawberries too! I was taking a photo of this with my cell phone while holding my Pepsi and scone. "Let's see if I can do this without dropping anything in the puddle!" Score! Nothing dropped!
Here's my car and Megan inside, waiting. Took this photo to show you clouds overhead. Heavier ones earlier in the day dumped rain and the previous night as well. I decided to park in the grass as it was closer to the building and easier to get in and out of the parking lot.
Here's a fun spot for the scone. Megan calls it the easy bake ovcn! I think it looks like a toaster!
My fun finds include a horse shoe door knocker on barn wood and a tray "Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company". I researched on the internet and found out this company started out by selling tea from China. It was in Manhattan, NY...then became a grocery business known as A&P! Even though this tray has rust on it I really like and bought it for $5. Better ones sell for $5 more...checked it on line as well! Goes with my kitchen as I like tea! Phil likes the door knocker. We're going to hang it outside our door...to the left, not on it. We already have a door knocker but I wanted this one as it's just something different and fun!

I found a couple things I can use for my anniversary party coming up. I bought these Scrabble letters and a frame to put them on. Will find a backing first. Other frame will hold our wedding photo or maybe a newer photo of us....will see. 
I bought this glass-less frame at the same stall where I bought the window...first thing I saw! Then I bought this wreath that's hand made by a lady that sold it to me. I'm going to hang these on the wall like this. Good for this time of year....4th of July and our anniversary and Veterans' Day....and may the forth be with you...force be with you...Star Wars...haha! 

Megan is still applying for jobs ...last week and found a few this week. Not heard any word on the job she thought she was going to get. Sigh! So it's still the wait and see game...you know how that goes!

Monday night I started a new Bible study at church with 20 other women, It's entitled "Proven" written by Jennie Allen. It's a study through the gospel of John.  It's going to be good! Jesus had a plan for our emptiness, our fatigue, our inadequacies, our sin. 
"Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in my, as scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:37-38

Take care and have a blessed week, my friends!



Betsy said...

Oh my goodness, you sure found a lot of great things! I love all the frames and the Tea tray and the doorknocker and on and on. That looks like it was the perfect flea market for you. The scone toaster is pretty good too. Ha! I'm glad you had such a fun afternoon with Megan. Thanks for taking us along and sharing it all with us.
Blessings, Betsy

mamasmercantile said...

Wow, what a haul you certainly got some great finds. I love the door knocker and am looking forward to see what you do with the old window frame, it certainly has a lot of character. Take care.

Gracie Saylor said...

Now this is my kind of shopping. I enjoyed seeing all of your finds and I did not spend a cent :😃 The tray and its history are especially interesting to me having lived in NY for nearly 20 years. I pray that the Lord brings just the right job for Megan soon. Congratulations on 12 years at the hardware store! It will be fun to see what you do with your window. [ I would leave it painted as it is...shabby chic...not that you asked me 🤔] I just enjoyed Proven online through the If Gathering app which has studies you can do for free or buy materials if you want to do so. May the Lord bless you and yours, Becky. 🤗

Mereknits said...

THat looks like a very fun place to explore. So glad you had fun. Happy 12th anniversary at work!