Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Week of Fun

A week ago I started out with an inspirational Bible study on Monday evening. We gather into 3 small groups to connect and pray for each other after the larger group session. This was such a lovely seating where I was, so a few of us took photos to remember it by. 
One of our neighbors has lovely tiger lilies in their lawn. I enjoy them so, even though I don't grow them. Only so much room and time and money!
On Wed Phil hung up two gallery wraps in the living room gallery. They are of two bridges in Salem. Far right is Marion St. bridge with the Willamette Sternwheeler underneath it. Picture far right, on top row, is cement girders underneath the same bridge. I enjoyed looking at them later as I just sat and rested in my recliner. Had come home from work, not feeling well that day. Good view, huh? Photo to the far right is Ansel Adams work, in black and white. The rest are mine.

The following evening and Friday I spent time at the Oregon Christian Convention in Turner. It was a good place to be, especially Friday all day, even though I got up early to hear the speaker at 9 a.m. Worth it all. Food was good and time together with people I've met through the years was a blessing besides being in the word of God. 
From a distance I couldn't see what the little creatures were on the letters. Birds? Nope, butterflies. Nice!  

Later in the afternoon I had strawberry shortcake at the Turner Retirement home. It's so good. One year I waited too long and it was all gone! I got to visit with my friend Alice who used to be a missionary in South Africa for 30 years. She is in assisted living due to her health. We have a good time together. 
Here's Alice's Boa with a bow! She says it makes a great neck pillow! I sat on her bed along with cousin Pat as we came together. Got off our feet for a bit.

Here's another lily, at convention grounds and a yellow fire hydrant to go with it!

Friday evening Pat and I ate in the older but renovated Pioneer Hall. BBQ fundraiser to continue to renovate the hall. Needs a kitchen. I saw it a couple years ago when it was being taken apart. I'm glad it's still around.
After the evening session was over, I headed home and stopped in at Target to pick up patriotic M&Ms for more than one reason. We are eating the peanut butter ones now. The 5 milk chocolate bags are for our anniversary celebration in Oct. Only store where I could find them.  Two other stores I frequent didn't even have them. {On a side note, I was able to find my paper goods in colors I wanted at Target yesterday on way home from the coast! Score and party is 3 months away. Stopped in to get milk. That's how I shop!}

Last Sat evening Phil and I ate at Denny's restaurant. I had a $5 off coupon for the meal. My deal was double berry pancakes..(blueberries inside the pancakes and strawberries on top), 2 eggs and 2 sausages and hashbrowns. I ate it all except for one bite to Phil. I had been tired so long and it was so delicious! Phil's skillet meal was spicy so I didn't even try it! 

We had an outdoor church service on Sunday, as usual near the 4th of July. After the service was a picnic then Phil and I helped at the critter cabana, helping keep children in line as 7 were allowed in the area to pet animals.  I liked this macaw. He was patient and was held by older children. Other animals were a rabbit, iguana, turtle, who was on the ground and not allowed to eat leaves as it makes him sick...and a snake. 

Calle lily near the church.
My shirt I wore for the day and wore at the rodeo on Tuesday.

A bucket of flags near the register at work, on Monday. We sold quite a few of these. A few people mentioned they had trouble finding bigger USA flags to fly this year. They were glad we had them.

Blue bowl the peanut butter M&Ms are in upon our dining room table. Nearly gone. But our patriotism is not and still pray for our troops and our country. 

"As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love." John 15:9

Have a good weekend my friends! Enjoy your summer, out and about and near at home with lovely flowers and rivers and oceans and mountains. It's so pretty out there. We experience the beach yesterday afternoon! Good times!


mamasmercantile said...

Such a lovely, uplifting post. The butterflies on the letters were beautiful, sounds like a great event. Take care.

Mereknits said...

YOU have been very busy my friend. So glad you are feeling better and were ale to attend all of your wonderful meetings.

Kathy said...

What an exciting and busy week you have had. You make me tired just thinking about it! I love those butterflies on the letters and all the flowers are just beautiful. I love your t-shirt too. How cute! I hope you get rested and have a really good week coming up.