Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Attraction: Week 27 Photo Challenge

 Last week's theme was caught at the rodeo. It was a challenge for me to get the words with action all in one frame. This event was bare back riding. Challenge for the cowboy rider is to keep his legs in a certain position and not to touch anything with his free name a few rules. Phil and I were there on 4th of July afternoon for the matinee performance. We went early enough to get lunch before the show started. We always go to a different venue for food and then meet up to eat. He likes his sausage and I again had a chicken tortilla wrap.  We've yet to sit in the same seats. I chose the south side where we'd be in the shade and less sun into my camera. Warm afternoon, about 84 degrees.

 Here's a few of my favorites from the many rodeo photos to share with you all. Rodeo queen!
 Flag bearers going out of the arena.
 Rodeo clown taking photos of people in the front row on their camera then he took a few photos of himself on it! 
 Horses running free after the competition is over. They go across the arena to a gate that goes on other side and into a corral that goes to the barns.
 Horse running free after a rider is off, I think this is calf roping.
 Ferris wheel from across the arena. I used my 300 mm zoom lens this year and it was incredibly fun to use, even though my wrists got tired holding it. I rested them for awhile and flexed my wrists later to get them loosened up. I needed to be ok for Wed as I had to be at the register all next day.
 Calf roping. And they are just coming out of the chute.
 He's down off horse and tried to tie calf but it didn't work. Judge is on the left.
 Big screen that shows instant replays and.....
 you can see inside the chute.
 Bull running in arena after rider is off. He looks mean!
 Cowboys that are in arena to help riders in different situations, especially when they have a rough ride, help them when they are coming off a rough horse, etc.
 Another one of my favorite photos! Sigh!
 Flags around the arena! They are into the spirit of the holiday, God and country! Love it!
 This was my second choice of the week for the challenge. It's sometimes hard to choose! Junior bull riding competition...8-12 year old boys and girls ride. I was happy that my lens gets so close in. Can you see the man holding the bull's tail as it leaves the chute?
 Wild horses in the corrals outside after the rodeo. We had to stop to let bulls and horses through. There was a gate that closed and allowed the animals through while people waited. 
 After getting by the horses, we found the trailer where the strawberry shortcake was sold. They were just closing down when we got there but we were able to get ours and we asked for another one as well, since a man came up beside us wanting some as well. We always get some from there and it's so good! That's the third one I've had this summer and it's only July! I count the one on the pancakes! The flags are from a vendor who sells all these flags. 
Here's an older house that was on the street where we parked. It was so pretty. The house to the right isn't lived in right now. We were able to park by white house and not pay for parking. A lot of people let you park in their area but it's $10. Last year we parked by the church and walked a ways, like we did this year. I don't like crossing the main street though.  But it's nice to see what's there. Friendly little town that bulges big time when the rodeo events happen! It's a town we drive through to get to other places.  I hope you enjoyed the rodeo with me! Take care my friends and will be back with more photos to share!


Betsy said...

I very much enjoyed going to the rodeo with you Becky. We used to go to the one in a Helena, Montana every summer, but haven't done that for about seven years now. I miss seeing all of the beautiful animals. I especially love your horse photos. It looks like a wonderfully fun day. Thank you so much for taking us along with you and Phil.

mamasmercantile said...

It was fun to come along to the Rodeo with you, what a great afternoon.

Linda W. said...

Nice action shots of the rodeo!

Laura Darling said...

How fun! I went to a rodeo once and loved it. Such a cool experience.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing your rodeo experience with us! I have never been to one, and I really enjoyed seeing one through your lens, Becky! xx