Sunday, August 6, 2017

Birthday Get Together

May holds two birthdays for my granddaughters, Melody and Lydia. Melody's is late in May and she turned 9 this year. I remember her being little like her sister, Lydia, who turned one at the beginning of May. Where has the time gone? Just goes like it usually does, one day at a time! I found a cute little musical jewelry box for Melody at a second hand store. The top of it is so cute! I picked it to represent her and me....well she decided it was her and Lydia! That's fine too. I also gave her a couple crosses and had one chain, making them interchangeable, and some clothes too!
We met up at Burgerville where the three of us ate dinner and had to have a yogurt shake...chocolate with some strawberries on it to go with my dinner. Justin and family had dessert as they ate earlier than we do. 
Adorable Lydia with her lovely blue eyes. She actually said hi and waved at me from across the table. She's still shy towards others, even her dad. But she will get it figured out eventually. She doesn't want to cry when she looks at me. 
Owen was being goofy that day and finally warmed up to me. We'd been talking about the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" that we'd just seen. We'd just been talking a bit about Groot, one of the characters. Here, Owen is saying "I am Groot!!"  He turned 6 in Jan. We'd celebrated his and his mom's birthday on a Saturday that turned frozen in January! 

Erin with her girls and a Burgerville employee photo bombing the photo! I told her thanks, that was funny! Really it was!
We headed over to a park, as usual for the outings with children. Swing Time! Tickle those toes!
Megan resting on Memorial Day weekend....on the slide! Sliding right into the weekend!
My girls, nearly time to go home. Lydia was getting tired, her bed time. She probably slept on the way home. In the car that could get them home. Other car, that they had bought after wreck #2 a couple years ago, went out on them. They were able to get a bigger vehicle in June...Jeep Grand Cherokee! Much more room for a family of 5 and air conditioning! I've not seen it yet.
Phil and Justin talking about games, as Phil is looking at something on Justin's phone.
Melody and me. Gotta have a photo together! 
An attempt to get grandchildren together....this was the best of the 4 attempts! It's all good!

Memories of May are amid the cooler days of this year. August has been quite hot, to say the least, for Oregon.  One thing we are anticipating, is the solar eclipse on Aug 21. Do you have your solar eclipse glasses yet? I do.

How about these? E-clips glasses! Not! Made up by a co-worker that has been funny to show people, stump them til the smile and laugh comes. I showed it to our Do It Best took him a minute to get it!TeeHee!

Now these are the real eclipse glasses that you need to wear if you are going to look at the solar eclipse! Anybody who looks through them think they are too dark but that's the way they appear but it will look different once you look at the sun. We sold out of 150 in 3 days. More are coming. I already have mine! Yes, I'm going to try to capture the event....more on that later after it happens!

Inland heat gave way to a cool coast getaway, just at the right time. Phil and I reserved a hotel room in Newport in July. My cousin invited us to a family reunion. We decided to stay in a hotel, just 6 miles away. Good choice as there were quite a few people staying there. Dogs too which would be noisy and.....we don't know anybody else but 2 people.....but it worked out fine.  Made it through all the I-5 traffic past Salem, late Friday morning. It got slowed and when lanes went from 3 to 2 lanes more congestion. I finally got into right hand lane and speed to 50 when should have been 65. Finally off exit at Corvallis/Lebanon.....better after that. Stopped and at lunch at Panera. Our usual blowing straw wrappers at each other gained a sweet comment from a lady across from us. When she was done eating, on her way out, she stopped at our table and said. "continue playing with each other. You look so happy together." In which we thanked her and said "We've been doing this for nearly 40 years." She said her husband died 3 years ago. Aw, but the comment was sweet to remember! Loved it! Good encouragement!    Beach photo taken Sat. a.m. after we checked out of the hotel.  It was foggy Friday afternoon and 65 degrees. Couldn't see the ocean for the fog from our room...only a bit of the white from the waves.  We didn't traverse the stairs as we needed to get back to the house, where we visited the evening before.

 We shopped at the local Thriftway. I liked the sign out front. Newport Bay Bridge is on the sign with a sea gull and the sun. We taste tested a couple potato salads from the deli. We chose the mustard potato salad, since it tasted closest to mine. I decided against making one and trying to keep it cold enough while we traveled and still be safe to eat.  Picked up a few more things then headed the six miles to house. We passed this sign headed onto hiway 20 that read "Boston, MA 3,365 miles!" Whut? {Whut--a word we saw on a vehicle's license plate, which became the fun word of the trip!} Will need to check if there is actually a hiway 20 that you gets you there, or not! Whut-ever!!  We enjoyed our time meeting people and sharing stories and plan to see next year. I'm glad Wayne and Pat invited us to come and join in.  It was a cool get away, in more ways than one. 68 degrees felt great!  Right now it's 88...but walked to dinner and around afterwards was pretty good as well. So happy week, enjoy the last full month of summer!
"Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust. O my soul, you have said to the Lord, "You are my Lord. My goodness is nothing apart from you."  Psalm 16:1-2


Kathy said...

I love this post! From grandchildren and birthdays to reunions and hotels and fooling around with straws. Everything just tells me you are having fun and enjoying the last hurrah of summer. Hope you have some fun things planned for the next three weeks.

Linda W. said...

Your grandchildren are adorable! Great photos!

Betsy said...

Such a fun post Becky! I enjoyed the birthday parties and the pictures of your grandchildren. It was also fun hearing all about your trip with Phil. Dennis and I joke like that too and sometimes people look at us like we're crazy people. You can have fun when you get old too! I'm glad you had a cool weekend at the beach. We're still in the midst of a heat wave with lots of smoke over here. Have a lovely week my sweet friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, they are too cute!!! :) I love seeing the photos of them. I know you enjoy that time together. It's so precious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Loved this post with your cute grandkiddos in it! Glad you made it to the beach...

Teresa Kasner said...

It was great to catch up with what you've been up to! Your grandkids are absolutely beautiful! I hope you enjoy the eclipse - we're staying right here and not getting involved with the traffic. Enjoy the rest of the summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

So glad you had time with your grandkids, fun at the restaurant blowing straw papers at each other, and fun preparing for the eclipse! I just looked up Hwy 20 and am now wondering how the driving part of our trip would have been had we taken it :) [slower, I think!]