Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Railway Crossing: Week 29 Photo Challenge

I made it to a railroad crossing just in time to hear a train coming and bars went down. Pulled to a stop, brake on, and waited til Amtrak came into view. Score! I'm glad the engine is in between the signs, which I wanted to happen. I used my cell phone camera to take this photo.  A early summer Saturday!  My mom always knew what time Amtrak was coming, if it was late, or early and which one was coming! My brother loves to photograph trains and hot air balloons. I think this one will be for his Christmas card. Happy travels this summer, my friends!

July was full of activities besides work! I'm behind on posting again! Better get up to date so you won't think I've melted in this extreme heat we had today. 90 degree F weather yesterday and today it was 106! My weather app on phone had hazy clouds and sun...some forest fires burning...from Canada and Mt Jefferson forest area. I actually spoke with a forest service man today..He frequents the hardware store where I work. He had been on the Jefferson fire and it's just been crazy, a couple people were hurt. He's off for a week then he goes back. He had his radio on while in the store. He's nice to talk to, friendly and good looking! Anyway....On Monday evenings I've been going to a women's Bible study. The book is Proven by Jennie Allen. This specific evening I was not using much electricity, as we were to be with out it for an evening. I had been out drawing what I saw that made me happy. My garage side door, tree leaves hanging down and plants. One night before I went to bed I opened up the door and it was just so pretty with the leaves just so green and peaceful. So I drew it and shared it with others at the group. About 8 of us did that activity. I just thought the candlelight and books just looked cool!
My sister and her fiance', Kerri and Ranor, were at the coast, Lincoln City. They came down from WA and I decided since they were going to be there til Friday that I'd go over and have lunch with them. Not seen them since Feb for my birthday get together at my house. Megan went with me as she's not had a chance since last year to go to the coast. This was the 3rd time I have been to the coast this year. I'm not going to! We had a good time over lunch, inside.
Here I am at the beach. Both Megan and I wore our Seaside sweatshirts. Nope, don't know why I didn't get a photo of Kerri as well. Sigh! Nice day out and will share more of that later.

The day I saw the train I was coming back from Bauman Farms where I bought some cherries to eat. Use for lunches, snacking. And a flat of marionberries. I made some jam out of them and froze the rest.

We were at a wedding a couple Fridays ago. Here were are at the photo booth. We're supposed to text the photos to bride on facebook. Phil had gone already as he had a meeting in Beaverton to attend in the evening. So he didn't stay too long at the reception.

The newlywed....Mrs. Miriam C. We've known her since she was a young girl. Serving in China. The wedding was so low key but lovely and just felt blessed being there.
Phil got his USAF plate for his car, when he renewed his car's license. His came quicker than mine...about a week! Mine took about a month! Maybe they've got caught up with making them.

I got Phil to finally hang the horseshoe door knocker outside the front door. I'm glad he waited til I told where I wanted it hung. He was going to screw it into the front door that already has a knocker on it. Glad he procrastinated. I'm not sure it that would have been a good idea on the door. Oh well!

Last Friday we were invited to a friend's house for a BBQ in honor of their son, Reid. He graduated from US Air Force basic training. Tech school training and graduated a couple days early and came home. He's headed to his first base next week! It was good to see him again! I made an oatmeal chocolate chip cake. Decorated it with M&Ms I bought at Safeway. I saw them while I was waiting in line at the register! Score more M&Ms!  Alot of family and friends came. BBQ good. Later there was grilled sausages. Phil had to have one of those as well.

I'm wearing the tshirt Reid bought me. I laughed when I saw it. I'd asked him if he get me a couple AF shirts and I'd pay him back.

Phil and I taught Bible class again 4 Sundays. First Sunday was our church's outdoor service and picnic. The story was about the fall of man, Adam and Eve. Here Eli is drawing a tree in the garden. Other children were drawing animals to hang around the room The child who played God in the drama session we had, went and found a couple animals to "skin" and give to Adam and Eve after they sinned. I think the 3rd graders did the best but they all enjoyed it. K-1 graders, 2nd grade, 3 graders.   Genesis 3
Here's one of my new skirts I wore one Sunday. It's so cozy! Goes well with my purple shirt, that's also new this year!
Teacher Cindy is sharing some things about the story of the month in front of the complete group.
One Sunday we helped teacher Rebecca, in art class. Life can just be a mess. After all that happened to Adam and Even in the garden of Eden, their lives now were a mess. She came up with quilt idea. She had the children pick out paper pieces that they wanted and make their own design. Life became beautiful again!

I know these two photos are sideways but it looks good either way. I had issues this time with my cell phone photos turning the wrong when when I downloaded them into my post! Oh well!
I made one as well! I did help a few of the children but they did their own designs quite well.

I was given a nice flower arrangement one day at work. I'd come back from my break and there it was. Oh dear me! A lady had tapped me on my head with a cpvc stick earlier. It didn't hurt. I was fine. I told her it was ok! Little did I know I would be surprised later! Not someone I knew either! Wow!   And a good end to my post in a bit of celebration of 8 years of blogging! Early July! Again....late! But it's ok! I'm still around and glad I've got readers reading old posts lately! I hope you've enjoyed your searching of my blog. Let me know you're here! Take care. Stay cool! God bless you!! ********************************************************************

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9  


Betsy said...

What a fun filled post Becky! I sure enjoyed reading it and catching up with you. Whew! You make me tired just reading though. Love the cake, the wedding, the studies, the train, the flowers. the berries. Oh my goodness, well, I just love it all. You have a knack of always seeing the bright side of things. Oh how I love your coast pictures. We were so hopeful that we would be there later this summer, but that won't happen. Dennis is so busy at work that he can't take another whole week off of work so he's taking almost every Friday off until the end of October to use up his days or he loses them! We're hoping to take our new little trailer to some campgrounds up this way.

Have a love weekend my friend. I sure hope you can come visit sometime.

Kathy said...

The picture of the train is great. I love trains.

Thanks for the catch-up post. You have been busy! Congratulations on 8 years of blogging.

Elizabeth said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. Hasn't the summer gone by quickly? I am so looking forward to the fall and the cooler weather. Have a great weekend.