Friday, August 25, 2017

Total-ity Awesome Eclipse in Oregon

 Solar Eclipse day Aug 21 here in our town was full of viewers of this amazing event! I woke early to start the day with a shower before Phil got up for his shower. I first checked out the sky from the front window! Hurrah, the sun was shining and no clouds! So I got ready and so did Megan. Ate breakfast, got into the car and headed to the city park we'd chosen since it was an advertised spot in the city! On our way across the freeway, we turned and saw many cars....some in fields, a lady sitting in a field with her camera. Around the next curve, the street was lined with cars on both sides, which is a no-no! Oh my goodness! We got at the park at 8:30 and it was packed with people, cars and no spots for us were left! Sigh! Way too many people to be around though so we drove out and up the street, figuring out what to do next. Left turn, I drove a bit ....wait..there's another park I pulled into and there were 5 cars there! So I parked and we unloaded our gear and found a spot on the grass by the skate park.  Parking lot filled up quickly! Made it just in time!  I'm sharing my few that are the best.  Partial phase of the eclipse started at 9:05 a.m. and totality started at 10:18 a.m. and lasted
1 minute and 16 seconds.   99.4% totality approx. It didn't get totally dark but it was interesting anyway.

People in front of us viewing the eclipse.

This photo is quite interesting. Moon covering the sun. This looks like an egg yolk!  I had a filter on my 300mm zoom lens. Once totality hit, I couldn't see a thing through it. So off came the filter for a few quick shots.

Totality time! And these photos don't do justice of seeing it with our eyes, without the solar glasses! It was amazingly beautiful. So much so it took my breath away! When is happened, there was silence everywhere, then everybody in the park started clapping and saying'''Yeah!""" Dogs barked in a house close to the park but two dogs behind us were calm. A big flock of birds flew by us prior to totality. Found out later that temp dropped 10 degrees during that time! You could definitely feel it, as a breeze came up as well. 
The Diamond Ring effect as the moon is sliding past the sun's face. So pretty!
One last quick photo before the filter goes back on the camera lens.
And the moon slips away and more sun appears!
And here's a hot air balloon sailing by! I've not seen this one around here. 
I had the man we visited with during the eclipse, take our photo! Totality awesome event! There were people from Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia that were near us. Good conversations!  Many people got up and left after the last part of eclipse happened. We stayed, got our gear packed up and headed to the car. Only found two pieces of plastic on the ground, which I picked up and gave to a city worker. They were on the back of their truck so one guy held out a bucket in which plastic was tossed.  We were able to get out onto the street but had a bit of wait to get to light. Lots of people coming from the other park. We stopped at KFC for lunch and watched all the traffic head to the freeway. Oh goodness....lots of traffic. Glad it wasn't too bad when I went east to go to work, after I came home for a bit and dropped Megan off.  99E was backed up and busy as people were trying to stay off I-5 northbound. From Salem to Wilsonville travel time was 2.5-3 hours...a usual half hour drive.  After that it wasn't too bad.  Tuesday was a bit better, with less wait time. Only 10 min back up. Not as many people came as expected...(per media hype.) People didn't totally wreck the places, that I know of. Good thing. Phil was able to see the eclipse where he worked. I hope you enjoyed all the photos! 
Today I went shopping with my friend, Jill. Then we went to Biscuits Cafe for her late birthday lunch. We'd never eaten there but heard it was good. I had a Florentine Benedict and Jill had a Chicken Cobb salad. Oh so delicious that I ate all mine and she took half of her's home. Big enough for 2 people to eat.  Megan's still looking for work and it's coming down to nitty gritty time of hardly any money. No unemployment either. Sigh! We'd appreciate your prayers.  
We're heading into another warm streak of weather. 98 degrees on Sunday! Bleah! 
Have a great weekend!

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork."
Psalm 19:1


Betsy said...

Wow Becky! You got some of the best photos I've seen so far of the eclipse and to have it so close to home make sit even better. Thanks for sharing them all. We had a great view here but not totality. Sorry about Megan's job situation. I will definitely be praying that Megan will find a job very soon. How frustrating for her and you. Have. A lovely day my friend.

Mereknits said...

Amazing photos Becky. My friend in NC had totality for over 2 minutes. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen.

Linda W. said...

Great pics of the eclipse! I was at work that day and took a break to go and see it. Didn't even bring my camera....but then Portland wasn't in the path of totality. I have to say it was a very neat experience.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing these Becky! Your last photo left a BIG smile on my face! Pretty exciting day!

mamasmercantile said...

Exciting times indeed. Great photos, such an amazing event. You and your family are in my prayers, take care.

Kathy said...

You have awesome pictures of the eclipse. How cool to live in a place where there was totality. We had 80% and it was great seeing it but yours was so much better. So glad you got to go see it. I'll be praying for Meghan and her job situation.