Tuesday, September 26, 2017

High Up: Week 32 Photo Challenge

Megan and I visited Woodland,WA in May. My capture for this theme is the carriage building and windmill at the Hulda Klager lilac farm. Lovely view with nice clouds to keep us warm and dry! No rain and some sunshine!

Here's a few highlights of our trip. We stopped at Burgerville for lunch. While we were eating, Megan wanted to know what was on the other side of the street? Where she was sitting, all she could see was blue sky from this mural. After lunch we decided to walk across the wide street to check it out! I never feel comfortable walking across four lanes of traffic. I rarely need to most days. 

High up clock in front of the blue mural sky. It does look like real sky! I can see why she was confused!
After lunch we drove over to these lovely lilac gardens. I'm glad we were finally able to go. Last year we'd planned to go but we wound up watching our older 2 grandchildren. Their baby sister was thinking about being born...nope.. just wait a few days more! But it's finally the time for us but then we missed Jane Kirkpatrick...she was out of country, til a couple weeks later. She wrote a book about Hulda. 
Very good book. Very good visit that afternoon.

Our view of the house and front garden...yellow lilacs! Some of the work in front was done by her daughters.

Each year during open house there is a different decor theme. This time it was Christmas! 
Photo of Hulda in her later years. She resembles my grandmother.
The kitchen was a nice walk through. Nice cabinets and dinnerware, and quilt on table makes it look so cozy! I just wanted to sit down and relax after the hour drive north.

The lovely purple quilt that was the raffle prize. I bought 5 tickets. But I didn't win! Oh well..whoever won it surely enjoyed it!
Megan enjoying the fragrance of a light pink lilac! Below is a white lilac.

Becky by her favorite lilac that she wound up buying a small version of.
Now that's just part of the tour and I must leave you there. More to come! Weekend was busy and I didn't feel well. On top of that I had to be at my friend's memorial service. It's been a bit easier but I still find things that brings tears to my eyes and a bit of sadness.....but I move on and remember our good times. Had a good time with Beth and Bob. She was tired as she'd flown in from France  to PDX at 9:30 PM then home across to WA and then down to get me the next day. Sigh....I'll share all that next post. Have a good rest of your week. We are enjoying a bit of warmer weather for next two days then some rain coming on Friday. God bless!


Gracie Saylor said...

I didn't get to see inside the house, but I loved the lilac garden! I'm so glad you got to go. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and am praying that your many good memories of your friendship will help to comfort you and help you celebrate her life. [I still have more of your posts to read to catch up...I will be back :) ] God bless you and yours. xx

Linda W. said...

Oh I'll bet all those lilacs were lovely!

Betsy said...

Good morning Becky. I hope you're feeling better. What a lovely place to visit and I've never seen yellow lilacs. So cool. I've been praying for you and all of your friends too.