Sunday, September 3, 2017

Out and About Days

Out and about on Friday I went to Michael's craft store to purchase items on my shopping list. It was fun to have Megan along with me. I perused the boxes in the aisle as we walked towards the marker/crayola section. There's Paris and more Paris and others and then I found this one! It went into my cart. It has Westminster Abbey in London on it! So pretty! I've seen it in real life and even been inside. This will be  part of our anniversary party...put small gifts and cards in it. Always find a use for it afterward!

Crayola Color Wonder kits are for my youngest granddaughter Lydia. Her older siblings liked these so at the request her mom, I checked and found some, at Michael's.  Markers are only for the specific paper within and doesn't mark on anything else! We also found Fimo modeling clay-5 pks {to add to their home school supplies} and some cupcake liners for our celebration. Red with white polka dots and there's white with red polka dots in the middle of the 75 pk. That will work. 

Fall is upon us and so is hallowe'en. We found these wiggle eyes to give the older two grandkids. I'm sure they'll like those! It's not glitter!

I headed across town early Sat. afternoon. My first stop was at Les Schwab to check my car's battery. I'd been having issues at start up a few times during the week. The test revealed the starter is needing replacement, which they don't do. Battery and alternator is fine.  This week we'll contact our Ford dealership for repair work, since it's close to us and their work is good! After 10 minutes of the check, I went to the hardware store to check out some chalked paint. It's hard to shop when I am working. I found colors that will work for a 40 sign for our -----------! 🍰  While there, a couple co-workers said there was an extra cashier needed at the register! Nope, I'm not working today! I know they were joking!

One other stop to buy fresh fruit was Bauman Farms and Garden. I go there once a week to restock our fruit and veggies. After I put my purchase into the trunk of my car and headed for the car door, I spied something on the ground by the fence. It's so cute I had to pick it up. Turning it over revealed it was a treat that I could take home! "If you found me, I am yours. Spreading a little sunshine, one rock at a time. Hope this brought a smile to your face, and joy to your heart. Please share where you found me and where you're from"  (Facebook) Gladstonehappyrocksrock. 
Yes, it brought a smile to my face and I did go onto FB and posted and got a reply from the lady who left it there. She'd gone there earlier that afternoon too to get corn and peaches. So it was a short time it was there! Sweet surprise! I'm needing a lift of spirit right now.
I realized I forgot tomatoes so I went back into the store at Baumans to get them. After I paid for them and a lamb stick, like jerky, I saw someone with an ice cream cone! I walked over and bought a coffee almond fudge ice cream cone! It was so hot outside and inside the store was a bit cooler. So I stood close to where the scarves were and ate it before it melted. Would have been worse outside. It got up to 99 degrees! Oh the a/c in my car and later my house felt so good!
The delicious purchase included peach pound cake, fresh sweet corn (6), gala apples (8), peaches (6) and tomatoes (2),  gold potatoes (6-not pictured), Savannah Sunrise (peach) cheeseball and dessert mix (1) for our ----------, and apricot syrup (1) for waffles.    It was a low key day and I didn't do much but should have done more. It doesn't help that Phil was watching NCIS when I got home. So I watched 1.5 shows with him. Then Megan and I proceeded to make a mess in the kitchen while we made dinner...salad, corn on the cob and homemade biscuits. Delicious! I'm so thankful for my scullery maid! {it's a joke between us!}   After dinner it was still warm out and a bit later, cooler,  but there's so much smoke in the air from the Eagle Crest fire and Abiqua forest fire that the smoke just hit my eyes within minutes being outdoors. I'd worn my contact lenses earlier but could no longer wear them. My eyes itched and so I've succumbed to wearing glasses til this smoke disappears! 

Possible rain coming Wed and Thurs a.m. I hope it enough to squelch fires but not enough to flood. In my perspective, I can live with smoky skies better than flood waters. We continue to pray for people in TX and LA and our fire fighters as they work away at containing the numerous fires here in our state and WA and Montana, to name a few! 
Have a good week and enjoy some time off this Labor Day week, with family and good food! Stay cool and God bless you all!

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10


mamasmercantile said...

The fires and floods around around the world are a real worry, stay safe. Continued prayers for Megan, your wonderful scullery maid...

krishna said...

I stopped going Michael's as I cannot resist myself buying .. I've two weak points crafts ,and succulent...:)

I'm following you.. will you follow me back please ?

Linda W. said...

Your produce looks great! Yes, I hope rain comes this week to stop the spread of forest fires.

Mereknits said...

I sure hope you get some rain and the temps cool off. That ice cream cone sounds like just what you needed. Okay I am in love with the woman who painted that rock and left it there to make someones day. With all the horrible news it is so nice to hear a story like this.

Kathy said...

Your shopping looks so delicious. And so does that ice cream cone. Yum! I love the idea of the rock. It's so nice of that lady to do something to make others happy. I hope those fires are put out soon.

Betsy said...

This was great post Becky. It was really nice to read about your day and the fun times you had out and about. Lots of great finds and the ice cream looks so wonderful. My throat is raw and scratchy this morning. We didn't have phone or internet service at the lake for 29 hours because of the smoke interfering with the reception to the towers! I had to come home to check email and blogs!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Becky, just checking in with you. Looks like a fun day and your dinner of corn and biscuits sounds yummy. How do you make your biscuits? I also am having trouble with the smoky air, I have delicate lungs. Lets hope the fire settles down, it's only 3 miles away from our house now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Love all your fun (and delicious) purchases, Becky. How special to find the painted rock, too. What a nice thing for someone to do. The fires are so awful - we are covered in ash and the sun can't even shine through the haze. I am so hoping we get some rain - it is scary to live in the forest. I pray for all the firefighters and anyone in the path of the fires. Sending hugs xo Karen