Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sad Days

I've been absent from blog writing. Last week was taxing because of my allergies. This week I've been saddened at the death of my friend Laura. She died Monday morning. I found out while getting ready for work. I wound going in half hour late. I had to get some tears out and prayer going to help me grasp this situation. I knew it was coming. But it still hurts when it finally happens. My other friend, Beth, is in France right now. She flies home the day of our friend's memorial service. Change trip plans? Maybe. I have a friend, Sandy, that's  going down with me.
     Five hours into this morning I woke from a weird dream. Tried to figure it out and wound up crying for a bit in the bathroom. Once done I crawled back into the coziness of my blankets. Wishing to warm up I also stayed awake as it is early shift for me. It's worse to go back to sleep for half hour than stay awake. I slowly put covers away from me  so as not to wake Phil. House was chilly and only 51 degrees outdoors. My day's beginning with sorrow in my heart. But then there's all the good memories from the Long Beach Washington t-shirt I chose from my closet. Our big 60th birthday girl getaway two years ago. Beth, Laura, Sandy and me travelling together to Sandy's house on the beach in WA. Other thoughts linger too. Thankful that Beth and I were able to visit Laura last month. It was a good visit together. We suspected it would be last one. I'm so thankful to God to have these friends in my life for so many years. We figured we were 5 years old and were in VBS together at a church in town. Same school all our years. Birthday partys  Sleepovers. Beth and I were in choir in high school. We like to sing. Kept in touch once we graduated. Birthday cards. Christmas cards. Letters written back and forth to Laura while she was overseas as a missionary Dr for years. So many good memories keep her alive in my heart. Thankful Laura suggested we get together in May. We had a nice lunch together. I never posted that event.
   Thanks so much for your prayers for Laura. I know her mom and sister need prayer. Karen, her sister, died last Sept from cancer. Now Laura's died.
  Thankful that Megan's going to rfid  tag books again for a few months. She still needs a full time job.
  I'll be back soon when I'm more awake and less stressed. I need to finish addressing our anniversary invitations. Mail them tomorrow. A good portion were already given out. Have a blessed rest of your week.


Linda W. said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend.

mamasmercantile said...

I am so sorry for the sad loss of your friend, prayers will be said for her family. Sending you a hug in the hope that it will be a comfort.

krishna said...

Very, very sorry for the loss.. it is really sad.. :(

Betsy said...

Oh my dear Becky. I can feel your heartache through your written words. Nothing can ever replace such a dear, dear friendship but I'm so glad that the other girls are still here and you can grieve together. I will be in prayer for Laura's Mom and sister. How sad to lose two so close together. I'm glad the Lord was in her life. I will be praying for you too my dear friend.

Mereknits said...

Becky, I am so sorry for your loss. Tears are cleansing my friend. Get them all out. You are blessed to have had such a wonderful friend.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of such a good and long friendship. ((hug)) ((hugs)), Teresa