Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Smoky Selfie

Two weeks ago  we experienced some smoke in the air down here. We are an hour out of Columbia River Gorge where the fire was raging. I could feel my lungs get tight with smoke. At work we had N95 masks that work well with those type conditions. I bought four as I didn't know how long the smoke would stay around and if anybody else needed one. Megan came and got me from work on Tues Sept 5. Same week my car was not to be driven. {My car is ok, no problem with starter but got some maintenance done while in the shop.}So we went for a bit of dinner then stopped at outlet mall. Here we are in front of Eddie Bauer store!

I wore my Multnomah Falls shirt in honor of the beautiful place on earth I adore so much. The gorge are has been changed and won't be able to get there til next year, more than likely. I-84 East bound closed from Troutdale to Hoodriver. For now. Much clean up to do! One lane open west bound, from what I remember hearing. I'm thankful my friend Teresa K. and family are ok. They are closer to the events than we are. Scary times. But God is amongst us.
 We found some clothes on a good sale. I wanted to use my $10 off coupon. A sweater and a long sleeved shirt for me and Megan found a nice top on clearance rack.
   The next two days were still smoky. By Friday it got better. There was actually blue sky with nice clouds and the sun. So different than smoke high in sky and moon becomes red. Tues evening reminded us of the sky before the eclipse happened. Other people agreed with that statement. Saturday was first I was able to wear contact lenses again. 11 days but it's just all right.

Moon photo taken Aug 28th when there was much smoke in the air. Moon looked red at times.  And now, as of this writing...Tues, we had 3/4th of an inch of rain today, as of 5 PM.  Lots of it today with thunder and lightning and wind. Chilly evenings with snow at Timberline and Santiam pass. I pulled out my orange warm coat from closet to use after work tonight. I needed it. Heat's been on here at home. 

      Here's a link with a neat photo I wanted you all to see of fire fighters so diligently working to save Multnomah falls lodge and surrounding area! So thankful for them. Many were able to go home the other day because of the rain. 

Last but not least, here's a big flower pot I bought out at Baumans when we went to Chicks Nite Out, the same week as above activities. I always liked this pattern and it was 60% off original price. $30! I can't wait to plant the Chinese lantern plant in it! It's huge and I now it will look pretty in it! Take care and God bless you!


Betsy said...

Love the mask fashion statement! Seriously, they were sol don't here so I just had to do without. Our air was in the "hazardous for all" category for weeks. It's much better now. Rain yesterday and some again today and our heat is also on, so thankful for the moisture. Wonder when I-84 will reopen. Hopefully soon. Have a lovely day tomorrow Becky.

mamasmercantile said...

It was a real joy to hear about the rain, our prayers were answered. Such good news that Teresa and her family were safe, to be on standby for so long for evacuation must have been quite an ordeal. Love your plant pot, looking forward to seeing how you plant it up.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Ooooh, I love your pot, Becky and a Chinese lantern will look so nice in it! I am so glad for the rain we are getting so these fires can finally get under control. I saw the most horrifying photos of the hills on fire over the Columbia on Facebook. I am so sorry this has happened. I can't even imagine what the forests near Mt. Rainier look like - I don't want to think about it and all the wildlife that has been affected. We've been told to look out for displaced wildlife showing up in our yards. It is sad that you had to wear a mask, but you took some cute selfies with it! Hope you are enjoying these cooler fall days. Hugs and blessings xx Karen

Linda W. said...

Nice photo of the orange moon! I'm so glad the rain is here to put out all the fires.

krishna said...

musk fashion is awesome.. :).. and love the bright colorful pot..

Mereknits said...

I am so glad it is raining and hopefully all of those fires will go out. What devastation you have all experienced. Take care and have a great weekend.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad the smoke has been cleaned out of the air by the rain so your lungs won't hurt anymore. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we've all been taken off the evacuation orders now, thank goodness. That pot you bought is great and will look great with your Chinese Lanterns in it. Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

I was never so happy as when the rain started coming down earlier this month! What a bad fire season this has been. Beautiful moon photo Becky! The smoke in the air definitely made things more colorful. Love your new pot-nice!