Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Outing

After being sequestered in my house yesterday, doing some decluttering and enjoying the quiet house, I enjoyed being out and about today. After 1st service at church, which really was a blessed one, Phil and I drove to Mt Angel to enjoy some of the festivities of the Oktoberfest. I took a selfie on my new LG phone of the Oktoberfest centerpiece that's close to the Glockenspiel, which will be shown later, since it's all on my Canon camera.  We first spent time at the Cruz'n Car Show. Then Phil and I parted company to find our own style of food but chose a meeting spot once we procured our lunch. I had a chicken bacon ranch wrap that was heated in a panini press, which I really enjoyed. I only ate half of it and the rest is for my work lunch. Had my own bottle of water...$2.00 water $2.50 for soda? Ain't happening! My lunch was $7 but it was good! Phil got his sausage that he likes at the Mt. Angel Sausage restaurant..a couple blocks down from the meeting spot but it's all good. Then we looked for pie and found yummy marionberry pie and ice cream, which he got and I had him get me a marionberry scone. He listened to a brass band while I went vendor hopping to see what I could find. I bought one thing. Then it started to rain!!! No complaining here! My leg was bothering me so it was time to head to meeting spot....he was under an overhang, which is fine! Walked to the car and glad I took my raincoat. I needed it and glad to finally get much needed rain!

On our way to the car was this lovely house with beautiful flowers out front. Chair in the driveway means Don't Park Here!

Once we got home and got a bit settled, I heated up water for tea to drink with my marionberry scone I'd bought early. It had been on this plate under foil for an  hour and made it home ok. I was disappointed in myself for not taking a bag with me. I didn't want to put it in my camera bag. Already risked putting my leftover chicken wrap in there! Of course I had to have some ice cream with the scone as well!  I did save Megan a small portion of it...she enjoyed it too!

The wrinkled and wet program from the Oktoberfest.

A nice zippered pouch I bought that will fit my LG phone perfectly! Now I can have a place to keep ID in it as well while out walking or a short time across town. I bought it from a lady who's business name is Potential Bag Lady. I liked her products and found a wallet I liked but not the color I liked. Oh well! This cost a total of $7. It's lined inside as well.

While I was watching 3 shows of "The Good Karma Hospital" on Acorn TV (British) on through Roku, after resting for one show, I went through the magazines on top of table by couch. I found more than should have been there. Some from 2014 even! Oh goodness me! Most are going away, recycle! Declutter again! I need to keep up with this work! I really like the series on Acorn and looking forward to the next one 2018. Of course there was one character in it that made me sad as she had a cancerous brain tumor. She was from the states and wanted to stay there, in India, instead of going back home. Her husband didn't like the idea but she had her way. They rented a house on the beach. I'd do the same thing. She was in the story all 6 shows. At the end she died which brought me to tears. Made me think of my good friend, Laura, who succumbed to the same way. I liked how they showed her leave. It was adorable. Nope---I won't ruin it for you! 
Later this evening I baked chocolate chip cookies I mixed up and placed in fridge. Yum and now i need to get them put away and clean last bit of kitchen, head for bed. I realized today one of the shoulder straps on my camera bag is coming loose. I need to stitch back in and maybe put some Gorilla glue on it to keep it from happening again! It's only a year old!   
We did get a good amount of rain this evening. I hear the Columbia River Gorge got much needed rain there as well! Hopefully landslides won't happen! That's the downside of having forest fires there on the hillside with all those trees that have been burned! Praying for safety!

"Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways of past finding out! 
For who has known the mind of the Lord?
or who has become His counselor"
Or who has first given to Him 
And it shall be repaid to Him?
For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen."
Romans 11:33-36

Happy week my friends! Thanks so much for you prayers and sweet comments. Hello to the latest blog and Google followers. All readers are allowed to leave comments, no matter where you live on this earth! Take care and enjoy the last days of summer, here in our hemisphere!


Betsy said...

Happy Monday morning Becky! Hallelujah for the rain! We got some too. Not much but a little bit more is forecast so I'm hopeful. :-) It sounds like a lovely afternoon you had at Oktoberfest. How fun! The scone looks delicious. I'm keeping you and your friends in prayer over the loss of Laura. We just found out at church yesterday that a lovely lady there has a very aggressive form of leukemia. She is a pillar at our church and the first one to help wherever anything is needed. I would ask that you keep her in your prayers also. Many blessings my friend and have a wonderful week. Betsy

Linda W. said...

Oh I love Mt Angel's Oktoberfest! I used to go every year when my son was in seminary at Mt Angel. Great pic of you at the festival.

krishna said...

You had a nice time.. oh!! decluttering is a real difficult job..

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon out. The scone looked delicious, I eat mine with jam and cream with a nice cup of tea. Glad to hear that you finally got some rain, our prayers have been answered.

Mereknits said...

Your Oktoberfest adventure sounded wonderful. Glad you enjoyed yourself and ate some wonderful things. As for decluttering, I need to get back to it.