Saturday, October 7, 2017

Architecture: Week 34 Photo Challenge

Phil and I were at the coast again. This time we were on our way home from Coos Bay/North Bend where we saw the Fest of Sail. We stopped in at Florence for lunch at Clawson's Wheelhouse. It was delicious!  Then was directed to Heceta Beach, just north a bit. We walked around and wore off our lunch!  Found some fun sand castles and therefore it became part of the 52 week challenge! The road home from there was quite curvy. We got into Eugene and meandered through, hoping to find a place for ice cream. Not had any that trip. After stopping at Tuesday Morning store for a potty stop, near a mall and a bit of shopping we found a spot.

Phil found Dickie Yo's Frozen Treats a block away. He surveyed the area while I shopped, looking for a few fun things. So we bought our favorites and enjoyed a spot of coolness to enjoy our rest from the drive.  My frozen yogurt is on the left...of course with coconut on top!

My balloon art rabbit with some of my stuffed rabbits, enjoying the comfy couch together at home. It feels good to be home after a long trip like we had. But it was a good getaway to the coast. Again!  I am trying to catch up with my 52 Week Photo Challenge here on my blog. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I do figuring out what to photograph! Have a good weekend!


mamasmercantile said...

Those frozen treats look amazing, sounds like a wonderful trip. We have just got back from a church fellowship in preparation for a communion service tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What a great choice for an architecture challenge Becky! Love it! Yummy looking treats😊 Have a great weekend! The coast was beautiful yesterday -I'm glad you love it as much as I do.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hello, Becky - catching up with you.....sounds like you had a nice little get-away on the coast with some sweet things to brighten your day. Love the little sand-castles - don't you just love finding those unexpected little surprises? An ice-cream stop is always fun and love your little bunny collection. I have a few that I put out at Easter and my little dog ran off with my favorite one and chewed him up before I knew it. It was vintage, too. When I found out, he was running gleefully through the yard, practically jumping in the air with it in his mouth, so I didn't have the heart to get angry :) Now I keep them up high! Hope your party planning is going smoothly for your special day. Hugs to you xo Karen

Sharon Koole said...

Hi Becky! Looks like a lovely day out. Yummy treats!

Thanks for the message you left on my blog. It's nice to meet someone who knew Bentwaters! My husband was there in the late 80s which was when I met him.

Have a great week!

Gracie Saylor said...

I really enjoy seeing the sand architecture! And I'm glad you had another good trip to the ocean, my favorite place to visit. xx