Friday, October 27, 2017

Black and White: Week 35 Photo Challenge

 In August we were at a young lady's wedding. I chose to change their wedding cake into a black and white photo for the challenge. It was a delicious cake. Tasted better in color!  :'} A friend from their church made the cake. Much of the food was made by friends and family. Although I offered, I didn't need to bring anything! It's just fine by me!
 Besides the cake, there were homemade pies as well. I like the wood that
was used throughout the reception.

 Prime rib being placed on a table to be cut then served. Ray, the man in the middle, is the bride's step dad. So thankful my friend Teresa has a good man in her life. 
Quanah and Wesley, the newlyweds arrive after their photo session!

These were delicious! There was fresh crab within. Quanah's sister-in-law caught a bunch off the Oregon coast a few days before. Now we were eating the fruits of her labor! YUM!

I left Megan in charge of my camera so I could go change into jeans before we left for home. It was getting chilly. Both of us were glad we brought heavy sweaters with us. Yep...she made me laugh when I saw this picture!

 I liked this set up of a washing station after using the porta potty. You can't see them but they are behind this wall! It was a lovely place to have a wedding. We were glad the weather co-operated. Warm earlier but cooler later.  I'll leave it there and will show more another challenge week. Have a good weekend!


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration. I love the use of wood, our middle daughter had a lot of wood at her wedding. The photo of Megan made me smile.

krishna said...

It was a wonderful celebration.. love the wedding cake..

Betsy said...

Lovely wedding. So many cute and individual touches. I thought the washing station at the ports potties was a great idea!