Sunday, November 19, 2017

City-scape: Week 38 Photo Challenge

Even though city scapes are high up, I figured ground level would work as well. I was downtown Salem on a weekend afternoon. Waited for cars to appear. Even a motorcycle appeared. The brick bldg to the left is Masonic Temple, built in 1912. Terra cotta is used for the exterior decoration of the building. It's known as the Franklin bldg and recently been remodeled. It contains offices and there's a ballroom on the sixth floor. {information from}

The reason I was down in Salem was to hear Jane Kirkpatrick speak about her latest book, "All She Left Behind". She does alot of research and many people help her find material for the historical fiction books she writes. Megan went with me. Here we are with her and my friend Becky, who's one of my customers at the hardware store where I work. She said "we have more in common than our first names!" after we saw each other after the talk!

I purchased both of these books. Top one for my friend Laura. Little did I know I'd be giving it to her family at her memorial service in Sept. She died the following Monday after this event. Bottom book has now already been read by Megan. I'll get to it soon! Both were signed by Jane.  I've met up with Jane over the years and we enjoy our little chats together.

Megan won these items as a door prize. I have the book myself. It's a great book to read. 
Nice bar of soap too!
I liked this sign in the room where the speaking event took place.  

We were in the building next door to the Salem First United Methodist Church. The church was built 1871-1878. An interesting story why this was built. Depression in the nation and other instances created a long build time. The building we were in formerly was the historic Salem Elks lodge. It was purchased by the church in 1992 or 1993. It was renamed MICAH (Methodist Inner-City Activities House). The building features a youth center, UMC archives and an area for informal worship services. That's the part we were in.(Wikipedia info).

We wandered back down the street to our car. I stopped to take a few photos for city scape and this one was one of them. Megan being a pedestrian on her cell phone. On the sidewalk. It didn't make the cut. I had too many choices!

The Grand Theater, also featured in first photo, is part of a complex of historic buildings in downtown Salem. It was originally owned by the I.O.O.F and listed on the national register of historical places. It's listed as the Chemeketa Lodge No. 1, Odd Fellows Building...also known as the I.O.O.F. Temple. Built in 1900 as a lodge hall and opera house. John Philip Sousa performed at the grand opening on Nov. 29, 1900. The theater serves as a film and music venue in this era. (Statistics found on Wikipedia).

Now it's the week of Thanksgiving. Nothing much going on but staying warm and getting things ready for the holidays. I am gonna fire up my printer and get photos printed for calendars. I've gotten behind and it's just annoying to me that I do this to myself. Sometimes I just feel lazy and don't want to do anything. Work. Housework, which sometimes gets way laid. I must get going and keeping up or I'll forever be behind on everything! But I will be joyful anyway! 
 The Lord is my strength and shield!  (Psalm 28:7) 
Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

Have a great week and enjoy your holiday week here in the USA.....Thanksgiving! No black Friday madness shopping for me. Staying away from the malls! How about you?
God's blessings and hugs!!


Betsy said...

Hi Becky, It looks like a nice weekend and I enjoyed the photos of Salem. I've never been there except to drive by on the interstate. I don't plan to do much shopping this weekend although the JoAnn's ad for black Friday looks interesting, I don't think it's worth the hassle of fighting the traffic or crowds.
Have a lovely week and don't stress. I've found that things have a way of getting done eventually.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful time Becky. So glad you got to enjoy it with your daughter. Have a great week.