Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reflection: Week 37 Photo Challenge

 We went to a wedding in August near Wilamina. While waiting for the ceremony to start, I shot a photo of my newly purchased sunglasses with a reflection in them. Goes well with the skirt I wore that day. I was happy to find a pair of  purple sunglasses finally that would look good on me! Trust me, I don't wear it on my knee! {HA!}

 While we were going to our seats, I decided to have a look around the area at the venue. A nice canoe by the river. Yes, the newlyweds had a photo taken in it later. Water level was low as you can tell. It was a hot, dry summer. Opposite of our cold winter.
 Lovely begonias in the shade!
 A restful spot that's so inviting!
 The bride, Quanah, and her dad at the beginning of the ceremony.
 While we were waiting to leave our seats, a grasshopper flew onto Megan's purse!
 Everyone signed their names on the leaves of the trees. I really like this idea. A nice piece to remember their wedding day, hanging on a wall in their home.
 A boutonniere in a shot gun shell casing! 
 I'm eating a cheeseball with crab meat in it. It was so good!
 Lovely hydrangeas!
 Jars with babies' breath in them lined the way to the altar. The chairs were moved for the reception.

 The newlyweds, Quanah and Wesley with the maid of honor, a friend of many years and best man is Wesley's brother. I wasn't able to get all the attendants together but it's ok! 
When I went to the car to grab my jeans, before heading home, I saw the newlywed car being decorated! It wasn't too bad! 

I am trying to stay caught up on my photo challenge. I'm almost a month behind! I hope you are enjoying the challenge photos!

I'm feeling better, my throat is still bothering me but will keep gargling and sleeping well. My throat didn't hurt as much teaching Sunday school today as last week. Sang too loud earlier I'm thinking! I did stay home on Thursday and didn't do very much. Megan did get the job at Subway and she's going to get trained sometime this week. Thanks so much for your comments and prayers. 
I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close.....little over a week away! We're getting together with family on the weekend!
Have a great week!

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the 
purpose of the Lord that will be established." 
Proverbs 19:21


Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a pretty wedding in a beautiful setting. Love the jars filled with baby's breath and the idea of signing the leaves. Beautiful bride and the weather looks perfect. Happy for Megan getting the job. Glad you are feeling better. Blessings for your week. xx Karen

krishna said...

wonderful ceremony...

Betsy said...

It looks like. A lovely wedding. I like all of the personal touches. So happy for Megan and glad you’re feeling better.