Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Few Days of December

      Greetings my friends! I'm popping in to blogland and sharing my fiber optic Christmas tree. When I got home on Friday after dropping off packages at the p.o. I found that Megan had added a few items to the scene. I still had the hood over my head that's attached to my cozy red sweater. It's been chilly once the late afternoon comes round. Freezing the last few nights.  Today was the first time in days that Phil and I have gone on a walk. Warm with sun mid afternoon in spots. Thankful for gloves, hat and cozy coat for walking.
  Phil is getting the big tree from garage tomorrow and set it up in living room. It already has lights on it. He's got a few vacation days from work. I had one last Thursday.  He's had a cold virus for a week and I don't like asking him to even put outdoor net lights on the rhody bush. I'm working on Christmas cards and calendars. Seeking out a few more gifts. Nearly done there.

 Yesterday I was looking for a cookie recipe from 3 of these books. Couldn't find it. Wait...Megan's another one. I'd had that hidden in the pile.  Yep. It was there. The malted milk cookie recipe yields 18 cookies. Mmmmm..... But decided to make a batch and a half of another cookie recipe. Nope..another time.
      My go to recipe of ranger cookies is what I made.  I used triple chocolate chips I'd found at a very low price. Half the batch is for a high school lunch at our church this week. Another portion is in our cookie jar beside dark chocolate star cookies from Trader Joe's. Rest Ziploc bagged and into deep freezer. Hope to make a batch of fudge for Phil's toastmasters meeting this week. They're doing a white elephant gift exchange. Just feel like making it for them. Next week I'll make some for my Christmas work party.
 This evening I went a women's ornament exchange at church. Lots of good food and talking with friends while eating. A nice program of singing songs and a devotional and prayer. I'd gone downstairs to use the restroom before the program started. I heard singing begin before I opened the door. Once I got into the hallway I just stopped and listened 🎶 to the beautiful singing til the song was over! Awesome praises sang at this Christmas/advent time of year. Then we exchanged ornaments that were wrapped beautifully. Passed right.....left.....left...right.....right.....right...when those words were read from story of Jesus's birth. Funny and're too fast. The ornaments get stalled in one area....then we finally keep the right one we are holding! I nearly didn't go but glad I did. The ornament above is the one I brought home. I missed seeing two ladies there this year. Both died in Jan and one just last week. It was good to see the coffee shop at our church full of woman having fun and being an encourager at Christmas time. This room holds classes as well.
     Last but least are caramel MnMs on our kitchen counter. So good and finally had get two bags into this jar that was sitting empty on a shelf. Fill me up, it said to me! I like canning jars especially ones with a design on it. I really don't need any more as I have so many!
     Christmas is two weeks away as of Monday?!?! Really and why did I dawdle this year? I'm not going to stress myself out about it. Thanks much for your kind comments. People leaving no name and/or anonymous won't get posted. Sorry! Follow my blog. I'd love to see where you're living and if you have a blog, I'll even go visit your blog. Also are any of you comment friends intersted in winning a photo 2018 calendar later? Let me know as one will be available late December to win. Have a blessed and safe week and enjoy this Christmas season.
   "Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated, 'God with us.' "
 Matthew 1:23


Betsy said...

It sounds like you’are having a busy Christmas season Becky. We had our ornament exchange at church last night too. The men have a tool exchange at the same time. They stay upstairs and we go downstairs. It’s always so much fun and I look forward to every year. A nice time to just sit and relax and visit people. We sang songs and had a devotion too and treats. Lots and lots of treats! I brought home a beautiful angel ornament. I can’t believe Christmas is just two weeks away. This year has flown by. I hope Phil is feeling better today and is able to go to his ToastMaster meeting. Fudge sounds great but I certainly don’t need any! Ha ha! Have a lovely week my sweet friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Anonymous said...

LOVE your new Christmas ornament Becky! So sorry to hear your hubby has been ill. So far we have avoided getting sick in so far as respiratory viruses. I'm sorry I post using the anonymous setting, but google seems to give me issues when I try to log in to my blog. I do always sign my name so I hope that's okay. If not I'll understand and wish you a joyous Christmas now.
PS: Website: