Saturday, December 16, 2017

Photo Challenge Weeks 40-44

 I'm behind in many areas right now. One is keeping you up to date with my photo challenges. Here's a month's worth in one post. These photos are from the month of October. It was a busy month for me, what with planning and baking and celebrating our anniversary. 
Week 40: Symmetry. Balcony of our church. The whole sanctuary looks like an upside down ship! I really like the wood! And the worship services held within it. And the weddings and funerals as well!

 Week 41: Abstract  I was baking pumpkin banana bread and I like how the light shone through this bowl. I put my bright measuring cups and can of pumpkin on the other side of the bowl.  Inside is the beginnings of the bread....eggs and sugar. It was very delicious bread!

Week 42: Long Exposure. Red candle and flowers we received for our 40th anniversary. There's a tea light candle within the goblet. It's so pretty! My girlfriend Teresa B wanted me to have something ruby for our anniversary! Fall floral arrangement from one of Phil's co-workers. This was a hand held composition. Took me awhile to get it but it worked. No flash.

Week 43: Hats. Cowboys at the Rodeo.  Everyone waiting for the rider to be ready and the chute will be open! We enjoy the rodeo very much!

Week 44: Strangers. Tae Kwondo students and director at an hour photo class on motion. They were all strangers to me! The students went through various moves so we could get practice in shooting movement. A trial and error for me. Not alot of instruction but I got some things figured out. The class was free. We were thankful to Lim and his students for their demonstration and The Shutterbug camera store for the fun day!  I learned a bit more about why people take Tae kwondo. 

This week was busy and weird too. We experienced a 4.0 earthquake on Wednesday afternoon about 5:24 P.M. I was at work and at the register. My co-worker, Tish, was at the other one. We were both helping customers when my key board started shaking and then there was a jolt that felt like something hit the north side of the building! One of the customers said "that was an earthquake" after I said..."what was that? Did you feel that?" She lived in California and knew what they felt like. It's interesting that a few people in line didn't even feel it! Another co-worker said the windows in the paint dept were shaking.  A little later I googled it and yes it was an earthquake, felt from Portland to Salem. We weren't far from Scotts Mills where the epicenter was. No damage done as it didn't last long! I'd rather have a bit of shaking than a huge one, which the experts say will hit in a 50 year time period. Who knows?! Hard to put a date on that type of thing!  Someone said it was because of the meteor shower the previous night! HA!

Our store has been busy with people shopping and then the new paint cave, as RJ wants to call it, open. There are three people that are from Do It Best that set up stores. I went back in there to see what was moved in there so I had an idea what to tell customers. Lots of hard work done by a few people and thankful nobody's been hurt! I'll show you photos later.

This coming week Phil's birthday is Monday and Megan's is Wed. I bought a marionberry pie for him and  marionberry blast bars for Megan at Bauman farms this afternoon. I get so busy that I don't have enough time to bake right now. I got the long distance Christmas cards out this a.m. and have within Oregon ones to send on Monday. Got the last of Phil's Christmas gift today as well. He's hard to buy for. He finally told me what he wanted but it was a search in two stores to find it. Shopped yesterday....nope, not the right one.   We have the big tree up. Need to decorate it. I have one ornament on it so far. :0}  Tomorrow after lunch it will happen. And make a batch or two of fudge this week for work parties.  Megan and I are going to Blazer game later in the week. Major part of her birthday gift. When tickets are $35 a seat at a 200 level, grab it! Sponsored through her church. Her pastor is the Blazer chaplain so they get some good deals. This will be the second time
 I've gone to one. 
Phil's still dealing with a cough. He's finally feeling better. We went on a walk late afternoon which was nice. Warmer today than it has been the last week! I've not walked for awhile and it felt great!
I just noticed I have another follower this evening! Welcome! 
Have a good weekend and enjoy the festivities. Jesus is the reason for the season! Celebrate Him!

"He by whom all things were made was made one of all things.....He who fills the world lays in a manger, great is the form of God but tiny in the form of a servant; this was in such a way that neither was His greatness diminished by His tininess, nor was His tininess overcome by His greatness. "
---Augustine, Sermon 187 1.1   (taken from The Pursuing of Christ by Jennifer Kennedy Dean)



Mereknits said...

Your photos are wonderful Becky. Happy Birthday to the two celebrating this week. Hope you get your tree decorated. Hugs to you.

Betsy said...

Wow Becky! Those photos are beautiful. You definitely have an eye for the camera. I had heard about the earthquake from a couple of people in Portland. Kind of scary huh? I was in several of quite big ones in Japan and know that they can be scary. Happy birthday tomorrow to Phil and Wednesday to Megan. I hope they both have a great week and Phil wakes up tomorrow feeling back to his normal self for his birthday. I hope you got the tree decorated today too.

mamasmercantile said...

Your photos are beautiful Becky. I received my stunning envelope yesterday and was overjoyed that you included me as a friend, I will be in touch shortly. Birthday greetings to both Phil and Megan.

Kathy said...

I really enjoyed your photos. They are very good.
I've been in two earthquakes. The first one I was a kid and was in bed. We thought the heater had blown up. The second one was a few years ago and I was at work. I thought it was a truck outside of the building until the windows started shaking. Glad yours wasn't bad enough to cause serious damage and everyone was OK.

Christmas is coming. Hope you have a good one.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We experienced a small earthquake in Pendleton a couple of years ago. I definitely wouldn't want to experience a big one! Got your sweet card and note and the gift card. You are so kind!!! Merry Christmas to you guys. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to Phil and your daughter! We pray God's blessings on your family and hope you all have an amazing 2018!