Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Close to Home: Week 1 of The 52 Week Fun Photo Challenge

I'm back at it again, with a different group. The Super Wolf Full Moon, on Jan 1 was close to home. It was right down the street and around the corner. So pretty! Phil and I had seen it on our walk as it was coming up! I didn't know it was up that soon. So once I got back from the walk, I hurried in to get my camera and 300mm zoom lens. Walked down our street with Megan coming up soon. Dark and chilly outside but good thing for a warm coat! I had to wait out the clouds and got a few good shots. The last group I was part of, the leader is taking a year off. So I hunted and found 2 different groups on Facebook for photo challenge. I think I'll stay with this one as the other group was more like last year's themes. And it's based in England so I get to see more photos from there! My second home....besides the coast! 

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It's been a busy week at work. Getting everything set up around the cash wrap and merchandising, done by co-workers. Today I worked on organizing a few drawers at the register then waiting on customers as well. Figuring where to hang the plastic handle sacks for ones who need bigger bags. Ones who walk and need a handled bag. We also have paper bags. I had to organize those Tuesday as I realized there were 2 rows of one style bag. Move some to the back, put others on bottom shelf. Tomorrow I work on another drawer. May not need the other organizer that's not arrived yet and most expensive one. Hopefully we can return it.  I am just weary and was hard to drive home. Once home, I came in, dropped my lunch box in the kitchen then went to our bedroom. Laid down for a bit to get off my weary feet. Even though there is a anti-fatigue mat at work, my feet hurt. It's different than where I stood before that didn't have concrete underneath. Didn't help being tired either. It will all work out.  I'm glad Megan had dinner almost finished when I got home. I don't cook on week days but there's food and directions to follow. Sometimes it's crock pot day! I still need to prep myself for the Instant Pot! Sigh!
  Hopefully things will work out for Megan as it's been real slow at Subway. She's not working much this week at all. That hurts, money-wise. So praying that more people come in and maybe a new job opens up for her.  Job opportunities and how people are chosen, not even a job interview, just what they see .....yep, you qualify then don't even see you is not a good way to treat people searching for work.  Annoying that everything is done on-line now. 
We just wait up the Lord in these times of need.    

Take care and have a good week!

"...the one who is in you is greater than who is in the world." 1 John 4:4


mamasmercantile said...

Megan will be in my prayers, hopefully she will find something suitable soon. Love the photo of the moon, a great shot.

Betsy said...

Beautiful moon shot. I saw it at home but didn’t get any pictures. I’m sorry about having to stand on concrete at work. I used to have to do that and I know how much it can hurt your feet. Poor Megan. Sure hope she gets more hours in soon. We’re in the middle of a good old-fashioned Midwest blizzard with wind chills below -25F. It’s COLD!

krishna said...

beautiful picture.. you had a real busy time at work...

TamaraB said...

Love your super moon shot. Looking forward to the images for this years challenge. Prayers for Megan. Have a most Blessed week.