Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love and Affection:Week 6 of Fun Photo Challenge And a Bit More!

Love and Affection:on my valentine birthday last week! Ice cream cake and heart necklace are from my husband, Harris Tweed corsage from my friend is Scotland and glass heart from my sister. The begonia plant is one I bought and it's in memory of my mom who loved flowers.

The cake after we cut two pieces out of it eat after our dinner at Denny's for my birthday. We go there for a free grand slam on birthdays.

The weekend prior to my birthday was spent with my sister  in Washington. She lives there and I drove to Lacey on Friday, Feb 9. I had a late start as I'd not felt well the day before. Sat down and didn't do much that evening either. Didn't even go to Bible study. I should have packed. But I waited til the morning and it was fine. I left at 1:30 and made it to the hotel at 4:30. Stopped twice. Not a bad drive. Chilly outside and wore my coat as well. 
I really like the bathroom set up so much that I took a photo of it. Would love this in ours at home. I talked with a co-worker and found out the farm style sink, that's a drop in sink, is $1000. It's porcelain. I can dream, can't I?

My sister, Kerri, and Ranor came and picked me up for dinner. We ate at The Lemon Grass restaurant. Thai food sounded so good. This was Crunchy noodles with veggies, special sauce and chicken. Served with rice. It was good for my tummy. I baby it when it hasn't been well for a day. We had a good time together. Then they headed home once they dropped me off at the hotel. 
I was happy to see there were still fresh cookies out in the lobby of hotel. So I sat and talked with the hotel employee. She was eating her dinner and the Olympics were on. 

Saturday morning appeared chilly. My sister let me know she was running late as she had to defrost her car. It was 28 degrees at her house! BRR~32 in Lacey. Once we got on I-5 it was smooth driving to Seattle. Here's a photo of the old Rainier beer bottling building.

Seattle, here we come! Can you spy the space needle above Safeco field building? That's the only photo I have of it! I was hoping a closer one but not this trip!

We made it in time to see Container Wars! Two contestants  had to pick flowers and had agendas ...just like in those cooking shows. 

It was interesting as ideas were given by both ladies. The blue container contestant won. 
We had our photo taken with them. Gold and silver medals were awarded. We were wearing shirts that Kerri ordered. I was almost too warm in my two layers but she was fine in her hoodie! Osmicote was one of the sponsors. It is a slow release fertilizer that plants utilize so it doesn't leach into the water table. I did purchase a bottle last week at my hardware store. 
We shopped around and saw these pretty hearts. Kerri bought the blue one there and mine too....am still thinking where to hang mine!
So many displays. This  one was so different with the white and less color than others. But it was refreshing.  The photo I posted on the last post was one as well.
These flowers were in it as well. Fritillaria af finis..chocolate lily. It is so pretty! I could see this in my flower bed!
Father's Day display! I like this alot!
A new style lawn mower....like a roomba, i mow mows your lawn...mulches what it cuts. When i mow is purchased a tech goes out to your property and sets up the invisible parameters so it stays within your property where the lawn is mowed. This size was $2000. Smaller version $1500. Interesting idea! This one is produced by Husquvarna .

Daffodils I got from the show, free, from Toyota dealership there. Filled out a survey what type of vehicle I'd like....Toyota Tacoma! Then go around to the next counter, roll a dice and I rolled a 4 and got two daffodils to take home. Apparently if you rolled a 7, you'd get a free car? One on dice? Now I have another style of daffodils for next year. 

This butterfly is made out of an oil drum. Another gift my sister bought me. I love old stuff!
The day was long but we had a good time. I wore out before Kerri. She wanted to see a bit more and buy a few things. A few more rows to shop. I watched her bag and sat down. Then we left for the car. She drove home in the dark and we got lost in the city to find I-5, even though we saw northbound, we didn't see southbound, which should have been close. So she stopped for directions on her phone. It appeared we made a big circle around about where we'd been.....oh well, got to see older places as well. Once we got to hotel, we got all my goodies out and off she went home. I went for Subway sandwich and brought it hotel, where I made hot tea in the dining area and watched Olympics.  Next morning, I left for home. Nice drive even with the clouds, chilly outdoors.
Phil and I went out to dinner at Red Robin after I got home. I had a free burger as it was my birthday month. Here's my free sundae, which I really should not have eaten. I'd already had a chocolate hazelnut milkshake with my lunch at Burgerville, in Woodland. Get the freebies when you can! I did share some with Phil though! Laundry done after I unpacked my suitcase. 
On Wednesday, Feb 14, my girlfriend, Tamara, brought me a gift while I was at work. We'd not had a chance the night before to meet and eat, when schedule/life allows. 

At dinner I opened the box and this lovely necklace awaited my smile! It's so pretty! I wore it Sunday with the purple sweater that's behind it. Amethyst and cubic zirconia. Love it!

Megan told me via text that I'd got a pkg from Isle of Lewis. I opened it when I got home and found these lovely gifts made by my friend from Mama's Mercantile! I took a selfie and emailed it to her. It keeps my head warm. She said she'd made for me to wear at work while at the till. Well, I did today as it was chilly yesterday and knew it would be again today. Barely 40 degrees and triple layered shirts and heavier pants and this crocheted headband kept me warm! She's the one that made the corsage as well. It's going to be cold Wed too so I'll wear it again. Had some nice comments on it!

I bought two pieces of art work at the flower and garden show from vendors. Left one is a mouse pad that has ferries and Olympic mountains in the background. I've been on those ferries on Puget Sound. so pretty! It's made by Kate Larsson  (katelarssonstudio.com).  The water color painting is done by Apple Cox  (applecoxdesign.com). It's on a canvas stretched onto a wooden frame. All I have to do is hang it up!

One more thing....my blog was featured on Whimsical September  this past weekend. Pop over and see it!

It snowed this evening but not sure if we'll be getting any more. Maybe half an inch now. Stopped snowing. It's fine. I don't want much more as we have an event to attend on Thurs in another town. Happy week, my friends!


mamasmercantile said...

I am so glad the parcel arrived in time. What a wonderful Birthday weekend, so many amazing events and goodies particularly the cake.

Betsy said...

This was such a fun post Becky. I loved hearing and reading all the details about your trip with your sister. And all of your gifts are so sweet. The snow was a surprise yesterday wasn’t it? I read lots of things online from friends in Portland who said they weren’t expecting so much. I’m glad you were feeling better for your weekend and I absolutely adore your new necklace. Have a lovely day my friend.

Linda W. said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! Special to spend it with your sister. You know, the best people are born in February. ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful Birthday. That looked like such a fun show to go to. I too, love those chocolate lilies. So beautiful. That lawn mower looks awesome. I'm afraid if we got one it would disappear in the mole holes at our place. So I guess I still have to do it the hard way. I got to check out your feature and it was great. So cool. Looking forward to your next post. Have a Blessed week my friend. Tamara

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, you had one heck of an exciting trip to see your sister and the Seattle Garden Show! My sister was up there, too.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you! I'm glad you had such a fun time!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)