Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sound:Week 5 Photo Fun Challenge

 I chose the sound of my mixer blades blending ingredients for malted milk chocolate chip cookies. Phil is helping me with my project and so thankful he's around to help me in few ways. I finished the rest of the work. He ate a couple cookies later. They are one of our favorite cookies for the past couple years. I started finding different cookie recipes to make instead of the two or three that  I usually make. Awhile ago people made a pie a day or one a week, all being different, all year long. Since I like cookie baking, I decided to give it a different whirl! 
 The first batch out of the oven cooling on a rack! Click the link below and you'll get the recipe. It's from Pioneer Woman and in one of her earlier cookbooks....first one. Also seen on her show!

Sound:college women's basketball on TV. I was happy to capture the LOUDER sign!

Sitting in a cozy chair and not feeling 100 percent. Had problems with my stomach for 2 days. Going away to see my sister and not feeling well is not a good option. Am working at getting much better and a good sleep so I can head out for some fun!  
Megan was watching the winter Olympics tonight when I got home so I sat down and snuggled in a blanket with my gatorade. Didn't go to Bible study, worn out from the day.  Baked potato was yummy.  I've had some interesting conversations with customers at work this week. Never know what the day will bring. The sunsets have been nice, purple/pink clouds from the store door! My daffodils are blooming and so are my darker hellebores. Good to see spring coming so soon. Will there be another frost and everything shrivels away? 

Lenten Rose hellebores, in bloom for a couple weeks!

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Take care and be back with you soon.


Betsy said...

Oh Becky, I sure hope you’re feeling better today. It would not be good to have to give up your visit to your sister. Malted chocolate chip cookies. Those sound delicious and I’m going to have to click over to that recipe. We have a beautiful blue sky again today and yesterday was 59°! Almost unheard of for the middle of February. I’m hoping the nice weather stays around. Feel better my friend.

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling your best, hoping you feel better soon.