Sunday, March 18, 2018

House Project

 The wait is over to get our house remodeled on the outside. I was disheartened when I looked at these photos of our house. It's falling apart on the outside. What will happen if we don't get it fixed soon, when I walked around it a few times last year? We jumped on the bandwagon last month and are now having professionals re-side our house. The wood above the windows were placed there after a woodpecker decided to peck 3 holes, almost 4, this summer. Phil put the boards up to keep him away. He met his demise at another house. Phil put some spray foam in holes to keep it from getting worse, less drafts. 
 One side of the house had a seam coming apart. Phil put flex seal tape over the seam. It's wide and it helped keep a room much warmer. We've lived in this manufactured home since it moved here, brand new, 1989. Little did we know how bad it would get. Louisiana Pacific siding wasn't good for many people, including us. 
 The siding installers came on Friday morning. They started tearing off the old siding that was soft and bulging. The insulation is fine. 
 Once old siding was off, sheets of plywood were nailed on. 
 I was happy to find out there was no mold, mildew or dry rot! Amazing! Thank you Lord! More work would need done which may add to the cost. This is what the house looked like before I left late Friday a.m. I had a podiatrist appt to go to. 
So off I went as I'd left 45 minutes later than I'd wished. I had to stop at Trader Joes to get some groceries before the appt. Did a quick shop then ate 3/4 of my turkey wrap in my car. Good thing the podiatrist office was extremely close to TJ.  I was able to get my callous core removed from my left foot. No pain and Dr Y did an excellent job in a matter of 5 min......not too long. I only winced once! Foot feels much better. He showed me what came out.....all callous hard.....goodness! Will go back when it hurts again. Apparently it's nothing uncommon and sometimes people get it fixed every month. Will see how long mine takes before my foot starts talking to me!! I'm thankful my pedicurist, Krissy, referred me. She used to work for him.

 I had a little down time, once I got home. I didn't do any more shopping as I didn't want to caught  up with the afternoon rush of traffic on the freeway.  I rode with Megan to the Comedy Sportz event at Grace Chapel, where she attends, later afternoon.  We'd bought 3 tickets earlier from her friend, Susie. Money will help her two boys go to day camp this summer. Phil met up with us after work. We had a fun time! There were snacks and drinks to buy, raffle tickets and silent auction going on as well. I didn't buy anything but a couple homemade berry bars for Phil and I.  All the proceeds go to help the camp attendees as well. I looked at the silent auction but didn't have the money to bid on what I wanted. Not since we are getting our house fixed! Save my money to help us out, for now!

 Here's the team of people near the end of the program. They did a great job of making us laugh! Each one had a number on their back....just like a sports team player would have. It's a group out of Portland. The mc, not shown, was called the referee. He was funny too. He asked audience for suggestions and input them within the scenes. 
 After the show was over, Phil and I went to eat dinner at Noodles restaurant. I had a Chicken Alfredo dish. The Korean meatballs were a sharing item, that he got for free. He takes an online survey about  his visit and he picked the meatballs. The garlic cheese bread was not available. I don't think the meatballs and me agreed. ARG! My stomach has been so peculiar lately but I'm keeping it happy as I can! Megan went to visit a friend after the show. 

When we got home on Friday, our house was wrapped in a yellow moisture barrier. On Sat morning the crew arrived again and worked on the trim around the windows. 

The trim is rustic grain and the primed siding will be rustic cedar. The siding will go up tomorrow, I'm thinking. The installers didn't stay long as I'd expected. There was a thunderstorm brewing, so they finished up a few spots and left. It got quite chilly as well. We were outside when it happened. One guy said he didn't like thunder. I told him I was more scared of the lightning!  I wouldn't blame them one bit. 
I just checked the back side of our house after our walk. There's some siding up already on the lower half. Nice!  We had a good walk and I've been walking a bit faster, attempting to lose some weight. 

I hope your enjoying your almost spring weather. Looking forward to warmer, stable weather. I'm definitely enjoying  flowers that are appearing. Take care and have a blessed week! 


Betsy said...

Good Morning Becky! First off, I'm so glad your foot is better. I know foot pain is difficult, especially with a job like you have when you're on your feet all of the time. I'm also sorry your tummy is still bothering you. Have you been checked for ulcers, etc.?
Your house is coming along nicely! So fun! I can imagine your excitement at the transformation. Isn't it funny how we get excited about things like that when we get older?
The comedy thing sounds like fun and I always love when proceeds send kids to camp. Our church is small so we don't do things like that much anymore but people do individual donations to make sure kids get to go.
Have a great Monday my friend.

Faye Henry said...

My your house is going to be so lovely!! We need to do our outside, too this summer.. Your noodles look so delicious!! Terry would not like them but I would love it.. God bless, dear heart.. xo

roughterrain crane said...

Your house will give you more comfortable time. Have a nice weekend.