Sunday, March 11, 2018

InstantPot Lasagna

It's instant pot meal #2 for me a week ago Saturday. I decided to make lasagna in my new 7 inch springform pan. (One of two items from Amazon I'd ordered with bday money!) I had my scullery maid help me as there was alot to prep. I used boil free lasagna noodles, which sounded like plastic when they were broken into pieces. The hamburger was cooked in the saute mode in the instant pot. Nothing was indicated about adding onions, which I thought about cooking with the meat. I added dried garlic to the meat, added seasonings into the sauce that I added to the meal. 

Here's the pot while I'm waiting for the natural release to take place. Again, I had to do a bit of figuring out the way to set up the pressure cooking part. The recipe told what to do but her pot is different than mine. I figured it out. Still learning. Since I have a stainless steel pot on the inside, I use non-stick spray so it won't stick in the pan. Makes it easier to clean.
A bit fuzzy photo but it looks so good and tasted delicious. We had enough for left overs too. 

As usual the week has been busy: work, shopping Tues evening at Safeway to get meat on sale. I should have got it on Friday but I didn't as it was a not feel good day. Reading a book for a closed group study. "The Soldier Who Killed A King" by David Kitz. Reading two nights then answer questions from the study guide the next two days, share it online Facebook. It's been an interesting story about a Roman centurion who was there at the cross when Jesus died. This story is the week leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, death and living again. Check it out! More on that later, when I finish and do a book review. I'm reading mine on my Kindle as I needed it quick.     
Thursday was a windy day. I had my hair down when I went to work and it was blowing all over the place when I got out of the car and headed to the store.  On Friday, I met up with my former co-worker, Carrie, for lunch at Panda Express, in Canby. She works at a store there and we met and had a good time together, even though it was short. We have made plans to meet up early April for a plant show.  She showed me her engagement ring! Not sure when the wedding is going to happen. Still in the works! Here's my iced tea and an onion holder. A chocolate cupcake is within. 

Once we parted ways, I drove to Fred Meyer to get some groceries. I found out Ree's latest issue of her magazine was out. So I checked out the rack and there it was! It's good to have my cell phone with me and check out a few things. Here's my cupcake I ate as my snack after shopping and the rest of my tea. 
I was ready to drive off and my cell phone rang. I answered it, knowing the number. Miss J was calling to let me know that we were approved to have our house re-sided! It's actually going to start later this week. We'd thought it was going to happen in April but apparently there was an opening. Exciting! We are getting James Hardy siding put on. Exterior of the house is dire need of help. So thankful I answered the knock on the door a couple Sat ago. The following Wed we talked with the expert and decided to get it done. We'd done some research on the company and sounds all good. Super nice man we talked with. Got a good deal as well! We figured out which style of siding we wanted and it will already be primed. Cheaper that way. Then we get our painter out here later to paint our house! 
I spent some time outside yesterday cutting my rosebush back. It's been needing it anyway, supposed to cut back in mid Feb but it was too cold and stormy then. It's close to the house and we're not removing it either. Been in the ground for 26 years! I had to get another bypass pruner as the one I had wouldn't handle a few of big 2 inch branches. Phil already replaced one blade on my smaller one and I didn't want it broken again. So I headed to the hardware store where I work, incognito with a brimmed hat I wore outdoors. RJ helped me find a nice Fiskars bypass pruner and it was on sale.....better than my discount. While there I checked out prices of 5 gallon pails of  exterior paint. I don't have time to do that on a work day unless I want to do it on my lunch break. NOT!
The weather's been nice this weekend and tomorrow is warm as well. Glad it's going to be nice for the workers too.   I'm feeling much better these days. Just tired from the time change, waking a bit early, then back to sleep. Headed to bed early to make up for it tonight. One time of the year I don't like! Oh wellllll..........! Have a blessed week my friends and back with you a few days! 

"I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praise: so shall I be saved from mine enemies."
Psalm 18:3


Kathy said...

I keep an onion in my onion holder. What a surprise to see chocolate! Congrats on getting your house sided. I'm sure that will be a big help. Now just get the right paint. I'm forever changing my mind on colors. We had the back of our house sided a couple of years ago and have never regretted it. So much less maintenance.

Mereknits said...

Very exciting about the siding going on, it will be so easy to keep up with and make everything so new looking. That lasagna looks wonderful. Have a great week.

Betsy said...

I think I would much prefer chocolate in my onion holder too! I'm glad you're figuring out your instant pot. I'm finding that I'm not using mine very much. I think I may take it to Mandy next time I drive back to Omaha. New siding is exciting. We've been thinking of moving to a smaller place but haven't found anything. There isn't much on the market and when something in an area we like goes up for sale, it's gone within a day or two. We're looking forward to your visit soon.

Teresa Kasner said...

How exciting to have new siding on! What color are you going to paint it? Doesn't siding usually come already painted? I am really happy with our red and white trim paint on our farmhouse. Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Angela said...

That lasagna looks delicious. I've read so many positive reviews from people who have InstaPots that I've decided I need to get one!