Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Negative Space: Week 8 Fun Photo Challenge

 Last week was an interesting week. Negative Space in a photo.....mine was thought out, used a photo I'd taken at a baby shower the other week. The space I saw here was negative and it draws your eye to the red raspberries and mint in the water below the ice. 


Last evening I went out to the garage. I'd realized my purse was too light so decided to go seek my wallet that was most likely on the seat of my car. I'd taken it out when I stopped at Red Robin to pick up my burger I'd ordered to go. Yep! It was there! I had put one of my daffodil plants by the wall that a.m. as it had fallen over. Here's what I saw when I was going to the garage! Snail!  Goodness, you're not going to eat my daffodils! I moved them away then salted the snail. It may be nice looking but not going to eat my flowers. No, I didn't eat it either! ARG!

Today was busy. Supplies delivered to our house this a.m. for our siding work. Phil marked the driveway with duct tape. The men from ABC Supply Co. did a nice job. I watched them a bit but not long. I had to eat my breakfast. They were done by time I'd eaten and had lunch put together. .  Dumpster later this afternoon.   An answer to a question.....We could have had siding with color on it but we didn't like the colors they had so we chose to go with primed siding. It is actually cheaper. We going to paint it close to the color (green) we have.  I think. We've not gotten that far yet. That's down the road a few months!

Work was busy but good. A former NBA player, Anthony Harvey, was in our store, purchasing items for a project. I sent  him to the right aisle location and someone helped him out.  He nearly left because he couldn't find what he needed. I found out who he was when I rang up his order! Fun and nice man!    After dinner, Phil and I went on a walk. Afterwards we did a bit of moving of plants and Phil moved numbers from our house to garage. That way the workers wouldn't have to take them off. Will need to replace them since they aren't too good there now....crazy nails got bent! I realized a bit ago I need to move some of my Precious Moments pieces off the outside wall that's on a shelf and a few photos and clock. Not sure where they will be working tomorrow. Didn't think about it Sunday as I was busy and tired after we got home from church and eating out. ARG! At least I remembered to do it before it's too late. Don't want items broken then there's tears and clean up! Sigh!  With that written, I'm done here. Have a good week and hope all is well with you! 


Anonymous said...

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Betsy said...

Busy days at your house Becky! Yuck! That snail is disgusting. I don’t know why I have never liked snails. Good thinking in moving everything before the work starts. It would be a shame to have them fall off the walls and break. I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m missing the sunshine but at least it’s not snowing.
Blessings, Betsy

krishna said...

wow! how the snail climb on the top go daffodil? :O

Teresa Kasner said...

It sounds like your siding project is going well. Green is a nice house color. Our last paint was light aqua but now it's barn red and I absolutely love the color! Have a super weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Fun Stuff! I love making art and playing video games.