Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

 Flowers are so pretty right now so I brought my new Rock n Roll rose inside. First rose from the small rose bush I bought at Costco a few weeks ago. Hopefully the stems with become thicker. It's in a vase with a gerbena daisy.  Grandmom needs flowers too...don't we all? I'm excited to see the rhodies blooming when we came home Friday evening from our Spokane trip. That's when I saw this rose blooming too. Now I'm waiting for my peonies to open. Lilacs nearly gone.

Megan brought home a cake for me Sat night from work. Safeway bakery closed down orders on Thursday as there were many cakes to make and two cake bakers, none on weekends. Oreo cake was delicious! The flowers are actually rings that she picked out for me. She said that was all she could afford this year (ring wise)!!!
We all had a slice after dinner as she'd been at bakery all day and wanted a bite. Why not? It was so good. She was gone most of Sunday. Came home after church and lunch as we were leaving for Panera. She was gone by the time we came back as she drove to attend a memorial service of Eric A. A man we knew for years, he'd been a youth pastor at a church we attended. He officiated Justin and Erin's wedding in our living room 2006. Well known and loved man in the community as he worked with youth in schools as well. Wish it wasn't so far...but we had just returned from vacation so it wouldn't work for us. Good memories of a man who loved people and shone the light of Jesus. He will be missed!
There's a loving table at church between services so we grabbed a snack before 2nd service. We wanted to sleep in....still on vacation. I got this lovely Mom cookie. It was made and decorated by someone from church. O so pretty and delicious sugar cookie underneath. Almost too pretty to eat!

Pastor Jesse preached. It's been 4 weeks since he did. He's looking much better now. So thankful he's feeling better and thanks for your prayers on his behalf.
My leftovers from Panera. Cinnamon pecan swirl and iced tea. And a bag of chips, use for lunch this week. Still have a bit left from gift card we were given from leaders of our children's ministry last month. Sweet! They surprise us every once in awhile. I need to surprise them once in awhile too....they work hard to make it all work out for teachers and the families with children!

Mother's day morning I found a package wrapped and sitting at my spot at the table. Opening it up I found this DVD collection that Megan found at a local rental movie store we frequent. Tim sells alot of dvds and videos as well. This is one of them! Sweet! My girl knows what I like!  :.}
I enjoy Judi Dench as an actress. I watched her when we were in England in the late 1970s. Still adore her acting career and am looking forward watching these DVDS.  I wish I could watch one tonight! 

    I'll leave you with a video that was shown at church before the sermon! I watched a bunch of others on youtube and most brought me to tears!   Hope you all had a nice mother's day....and to all who are not mother's I hope it was a good and blessed day for you as well! Have a blessed week ahead!  

Mother's day video

Vacation photo/posts coming soon...promise!


Betsy said...

It sounds like you had a very nice Mother’s Day. That Oreo cake looks wonderful and how sweet of Megan to buy you those DVDs. I enjoy watching Judy Densch too. Where did you finally find your T-shirts? I meant to ask you that before. I hope you have a lovely day today end it hasn’t been too hard to adjust to being back to work.
Blessings, Betsy

krishna said...

you had wonderful Mother's Day.. A big hug..

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like you had a well deserved Mothers Day. Loved the olympic advert.

Linda W. said...

Love that cake! Looks like you had a great Mother's Day.