Sunday, June 24, 2018

There Are Days....

 There are days when I can be out and about and helping people like a couple Fridays ago. I went down to Salem to do a couple errands and eat lunch. Then I went to the community college and helped out at the water distribution center. The water advisory was still in effect. I signed up online for two hours. The day was warm but thankful for a hat and a tent as well. 
 City of Gresham truck was there, with some supplies. Behind it is a US Army water truck. It holds 1000s of gallons of water. It is there 24 hours a day, manned by two Army National Guard soldiers. They were nice to talk with. Long and tiring for them to be there 12 hours a day. All in the line of duty.
 The bladder that belongs to Gresham was being filled with water for the first time ever. Water was from Marion County, where there's good water...and then had bleach put in it. Then drained and put clean water in it and then used for drinking water. I'd not seen anything like it.
 Various containers were filled. The storage container on the left was filled 3/4 full and put in the man's vehicle. Lid put on it but city man didn't know if it would make it home ok or not. 
 People had to provide their own containers and the city workers, soldiers and volunteers, 4 of us, helped fill the bottles. Some times we were busy and a bit slow. Right before I left a lady brought 30 gallons of empty milk/water bottles. We amazed her that it went much quicker than expected! Getting them into the van and finding a couple loose lids was unnerving but she was able to put them in a spot behind her. Her young daughter helped put the lids back on the containers.
 Bladder filling up. Once it was full, then the water was used from there to fill bottles. Remainder of water was put into Army water truck.
 Testing the water, then top was cloroxed and ready to use if it got busy.

 An older man came by with containers from an RV park of senior citizens. He gave us roses in a whisky bottle as a thank you. He's been there before getting water. I wound up staying 3 hours. It was a good time and many people were grateful that we were there. As of this weekend, water advisory was lifted and hopefully it will stay that way over the summer.
 Last Monday Megan volunteered at the same station. She worked four hours. She's a member of CERT here in town. Here's her hat, on living room table. Cert-ainly.......

 .....there are days when I don't feel well enough to go to work. I didn't feel like helping anyone that day!!!! That happened this past week...started feeling not good Sunday so stayed home from church. Felt chilly late afternoon. Fell asleep in my chair at my's so cozy! Mon wasn't an option at all. Tues....nope!  Wed I thought I'd try to go to work..........didn't happen! Neither did I go Thurs. Slept late that a.m. I watched alot of Acorn TV on Roku....I like it when Roku comes up.  I finished watching "Good Karma Hospital" second season. Then looked for something else to watch. Came across "The Indian Doctor." Good Karma is based in India. Latter one based in Wales. Now into second season of that one....the plot thickens and I like it. So much so that I have to shut it off before I watch all of that season as well! 
 Tues evening from the kitchen window, I see the light is fading away. 
 Making dinner....yummy ham, veggie cheese soup. It is pretty good. Also added tater tots. Dinner for Megan and myself. Felt better but so tired. Didn't sleep too good for a few nights.
 Cozy blanket to watch tv or read or sleep.
 Thursday I felt better and went outdoors for awhile for fresh air in the afteroon. Love my little flower garden. 

 My Night Sky pansies and my Lularoe leggings go together quite well! I didn't know they'd be so fragrant. I'm thankful to be feeling much better. Have diffused essential oils of lavender, peppermint and lemon at night. It's helped me breathe better and not cough so much at night. Not used cough syrup but once...yuckky!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Returning to work tomorrow. Had a good day today, thankfully indoors as it was 83 degrees.  Taco feed after church for a mission fund raiser. Walked to  dinner and back. Lovely outdoors and did a bit of watering potted plants. 

 Last Sunday evening, once Megan got home from work, she called me outside to see the rainbow. Once I got out there, it turned into a double rainbow. I grabbed my camera and got a few photos. It had been stormy around 6 p.m. I was sleeping when that happened. 
After I shot that photo, I turned and shot this photo in the western sky! The tree looks like a horse head! WOW~amazing! Being outside can just thrill me to no end, at times! Clouds came in this evening with a bit of breeze and cooler temps in the 70s for the week, so far!

Bulletin from church today. God bless you all!!!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you were able to help dispense water to those who have been affected by the advisory. I also hope that the issue doesn't reoccur. Am glad you're feeling better Becky. Very cool photo of the "horse head" tree! Really does resemble one😊
God bless you this week.

Betsy said...

It was so kind of you to take the time to help others with their water issues. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so sick all week. Summer colds are no fun. Mandy ha shad one all week too and has been miserable ever since they got here. A hazard of working at an urgent care I guess. She catches everything but is hopefully building some immunities along the way. I’m glad th roils are helping you.
That tree does look like. A horse head! So cool.
Have. A great week and prayers for good health.

Linda W. said...

That's wonderful that you helped out distribute water. Hope you are feeling better!

Mereknits said...

It was wonderful for both you and Megan o help with the water situation Becky. You have a kind heart.

Anonymous said...

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Take care!!