Monday, June 11, 2018

Water Weekend

Dashboard Turtle on a Rainy Day ©Becky Lowmaster 2018
    Friday was a cool day out. I had another pedicure. Been getting one every 5 weeks. My feet and legs are happy! Easier to keep calluses away on toes and feet. Krissy is a sweet lady. Afterward lunch and a quick grocery shop I stopped at a health food store to purchase a few items. I came out of the store and met the rain pouring down! Wearing sandals made it wet but I didn't get too soaked! We've needed the rain for awhile.

Friday after I got home I received my box from Young Essential Oils kit! Can't wait to get it all figured out. I've used a few already!

Sat afternoon, after a walk through Bush Park Rose Garden, I ate at Wendy's.  Out of soda? No water allowed here due to water advisory in Salem, due to algae bloom at Detroit lake. Therefore I took in my on iced tea. 

What's wrong with this photo? No lettuce or tomatoes on my Asiago grilled chicken sandwich..again due to the water.  Veggies can't be washed in that water. But I was hungry and ate it. Thankful the restaurant was open. Bottled water or milk were given instead of soda and iced tea. No chili.   One doesn't know what tainted water can do to your body. Advisory is for children 6 and under, pregnant women, elderly people and those with medical issues. I wouldn't be drinking it at all if I lived there. I brought 2 bottles of water and one tea { caffeine!} for my day out.   Megan's helped out at water distribution places in Keizer and twice in town here. I'm headed to Salem later in the week to help out at a water distribution center.  The water advisory is on for 2 weeks, as of the other day! I hope it all goes away.  Only a bit is killed by chlorine in the water treatment plant. Prayers for all involved!

Sunday, last Israel class and a lady had made a sign the teachers of the class. We've been attending this class off and on for years. Some months we've had to teach the children downstairs. Most of them we've seen but always fun to see them again. Seems like I learn something each time I watch it. "That the world May Know"  by Ray Van Der Laan.

A little party happens at the last class of the year. I grabbed the last piece of German chocolate cake. My fav! Some of the food was leftover from a memorial service on Friday. 

Monday dawned again and it was back to work. Free drink from management. Got it late afternoon and happy to have more caffeine to keep me awake. Used a couple of my essential oils too that helped as well.

"In The Mood" rose bush has it's first bloom. It's our 40th anniversary gifted plant from Bernadette and her family last October! Another bud is opening a bit this evening. So pretty!   


Betsy said...

I had not heard about the water issue over there. I’m only guessing at what a hardship that puts on all the businesses and people. I hope it gets straightened out soon. We had a lot of rain and hail this weekend also. It was nice and cozy in the trailer though. Glad you got your oils and are finding them useful. I use thieves on Dennis’ temples when he gets migraines and it takes them away very quickly.

Linda W. said...

Pretty rose!

Janet Coffield said...

Yummy! I love the roses. Thanks for sharing. <3

Anonymous said...

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your rose is beautiful! I had no idea about Detriot Lake. Wow! Hope that gets resolved very soon. Hope you are having a great summer so far. Thanks for your service to the Kingdom and your investment in the future Christian generation. Love and hugs, Jackie

Teresa Kasner said...

I've felt so sorry for those people that have had their water get unsafe.. what a mess. Looks like you've been having fun being out and about and the class and potluck and all. I hope you have a wonderful summer.. sounds like we're going to get some heat this week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)