Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Fun

 Hello my friends! I'm still around....busy days as usual. Today Phil and I went to St. Paul rodeo. We got a parking spot right after we got into the small town...a parking lot and $10 fee. Young man at gate needed a bit more attention to what was going on with cars in lot. Trying get out we were almost hit as he told me to move forward when there was a car pointed toward the side of our car. Good thing the other driver was paying attention. I was not amused. He messed up when we got there to park. Oh well! We ate lunch then walked around for a bit. I like to see the art tent. Did buy a set of cards from a man whose had his work on Leanin' Tree greeting cards. May use them as Christmas cards .
 We enjoyed our 3 hour rodeo time. I found good seats to purchase in April. Pretty good  seats where I could take photos on my Canon camera. I'll share those later.
 Nobody got badly hurt although a Jr bull rider got his wind knocked out of him when he fell off the bull. One bull rider had a horn into his ribs but hopefully not anything broken. The day was cooler than expected with clouds. Once rodeo was over and we were out of the areana, raindrops slowly appeared. We wanted strawberry shortcake but it was sold out. Didn't want to wait til 7 p.m.
 So we walked a bit and spotted an ice cream stand. They were serving Alpenrose ice cream...out of Portland area. Mine was marionberry marble and Phil had peanut butter chocolate chip. They were wrapped with a white paper doily! Now that's a first!
Wandering more I stepped into a Lularoe RV to see what I could find. I bought these cozy leggings. Bought another one in a grab bag...$10. Will give that one away to someone. Size yes...color..don't know. Should I peek before I give it away?  I realized the lady who was selling them was lady who sold me my first pr of leggings a couple yrs ago at a party was invited to. We were inside while it started raining heavier.
     Made dinner for the two of us at home.  Megan's at the Volcanoes baseball game. Near Salem
as a CERT and help in the crowd. Free for her and fireworks too. Not seeing fireworks bums me out a bit. Can't see it on tv as PBS doesn't come in clearly anymore...rarely watch tv anyway.   Hope you all had a blessed day wherever you live!  Take care and I'll be back with more Spokane trip photos next post!

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Teresa Kasner said...

Going to the rodeo is fun, but my sister has gone to a few a couple years ago and a horse was killed at both of them and when she told me about it it kind of scared me from going again. I hadn't been to one since I was a teenager visiting family in Oklahoma. Your leggings are neat. I'm glad you had a good visit with Betsy. I miss having her come to the Portland area for a visit. Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)