Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Out

A warm morning out to attend a lavender one of many places I could have visited. I met up with a friend and we looked around and talked before purchasing items. 77 degrees when I went through town. 83 when I got home. Up to 90 later.           Lately I'm decluttering and did some shredding of pages of an address book, put a photo into a frame. Will hang it tomorrow.  Dinner was taco salad and banana bread. I cooked up some hamburger with onion, added spices, a bit of marinara sauce, kidney beans. Tomato and romaine hearts and cheese. Added Fritos afterwards. So delicious and helped the kitchen stay cooler .

When I got home I had my Young Living Essential Rewards order in the mail. My first one....just got my kit last month. I like the Genesis hand and body lotion already. Used it after I washed my hands from my trip! 15 ml lavender essential oil and 5 ml purification essential oil blend. Its supposed to be a good one. Not into all the oils.
 We had bible study at our house Thursday evening.  It was 95 degrees and the two other places don't have air conditioning or don't run it at other place. We had a living room full of friends and quite a good evening. So What....we talk about the sermon that was on Sunday. ....1 Corinthians 6..
...............and that's all I will write for now. Resting on the recliner in the cool living room. .....welcome to my latest follower! I enjoy all the comments you leave and I go visit your blog when you comment. Have a cool weekend my friends!!


Anonymous said...

that Lavender looks amazing! I love to grow it and dry it, such a great scent for the linen cupboard,, I can understand why everyone came to your house for study,, a/c is a welcome thing in this heat! Have a cool relaxing sunday in your chair, I'm in mine too lol,,

Betsy said...

What a fun time at the lavender place. You know hoe much I love lavender. Glad you’re enjoying your oil.s. I’ve been making roller bottles for Jenny for her back pain and she said it works a miracles. All oils from your kit! Stay cool my friend. It’s so hot I’m even staying home from the lake.

Kathy said...

I love the scent of lavender and know I would have loved to be at that fest. Your box sounds wonderful. Let us know how you like all the things. Wow, I would have had the study at our house too. It's too hot to be without a/c. Hopefully things will cool off a bit soon.