Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cooler days and roses too!

 On Saturday I attended a tent event down in Salem at The Shutterbug store. I sat through some classes and learned a few things, saw cool photos.
 The day was quite warm but there were many people there. To the right is Kris, the store owner...of at The Shutterbugs in Oregon.
 I went to McDonalds just across the parking lot to buy lunch and head back for a class taught by the Canon rep...learned some good tips to use on my photo outings. Here I'm sitting at the computer desk listening to a portrait class after I found a photo I liked on my SD card and had it printed out....free 11x14"!   Finally got it printed out and left....and opened up a very warm car! Oh so thankful for the air conditioning. Stopped a couple places on my way home.
Phil helped me make pizza for dinner.

Hawaiian Chieftain tall ship....(c)Becky Lowmaster 2018

It was a  bit cooler last evening and this evening as well. Here's my rose bush in the street light  I cut a few dead ones off and brought a few nice buds in the house to enjoy. I was out later on watering the plants and a bit of the lawn. Refilled the bird bath. Thankful for roses still blooming. I should have put some fertilizer on them too, which I will when it gets a bit cooler this weekend! We are all thankful for that! Even got chilly this eve on my way home from dinner with friend Tamara! Clouds in the sky. Dropping to high 70s Thurs and Friday! People are ready for Autumn to come now. I've got a few yellow leaves falling from a tree by our house. It's been quite dry! 
I've pulled out the two books I got at the Christan Life and Witness class the other week. Going over the red book as it's one that will be given to people who come forward at the Franklin Graham PNW tour on Sunday. A bit nervous but going over what I've learned in my notes and book will be fine and some prayers for all involved! Not a hard thing to do....steps to follow. Then people will be contacted later on. I'm excited about the event! Thanks for your kind comments and I am feeling better. Busy at work late afternoon! Boss is back from his getaway in WA he does every year. Now just finishing my cup of tea and finishing up a few things as it's getting late. Thanks for stopping in for a good read! How has your week been so far!? Take care my friends around the world!!!


Kathy said...

The photo class sounds great. Glad you got to go. You will be fine at the crusade for God will go before you. I was nervous doing the counseling too, but you will be surprised at how the words just come to you. One year I did the follow up too. I was in a room in the back with a lot of other people from different churches. We were given follow-up cards from people in our zip code and immediately sent letters from our pastors congratulating them on their decision to follow Christ and inviting them to our church. There is so much going on behind the scenes that people don't even realize. Can't wait to hear about your experiences.

Betsy said...

Oh how I wish we could also go to the Franklin Graham tour here in Spokane. As it involves a lot of walking to and from the stadium and having to carry our own chairs, I don’t think I will be able to do it. We are so disappointed. We have been supporting Samaritans Purse for many years and have been asked to attend the VIP event. I know Dennis is disappointed that we can’t go. Oh well, life goes on. I know you will do well with the counseling.
Our week has been hot. Hot hot hot. A bit of relief supposed to be here by the weekend and believe me, we’re all looking forward to that. There are new fires springing up almost hourly over here. Thankfully they have been able to get most of them out right away.
Many blessings always, Betsy

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you're feeling better now! Love your photo of the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain! I love tall ships. Really love what Kathy said in her comment above "God will go before you" 😊
God bless,