Monday, July 9, 2018

My Summer Days

My weekend's been low on activities. Had some down time on Friday. At home. Felt good in a quiet house. Two people away at work. I made a few phone calls. One was to hold a pr of shoes on clearance. One left in my size. Goofed off. Mopped a couple floors. Laundry all weekend...never ending even though there's three adults in the house. Nice to walk. Watered plants.

Saturday afternoon I went shopping..and Phil enjoyed time at home..quiet..And bought the shoes I had on hold at the Shoe Mill! I  enjoy them very much. Such a good deal...on clearance, better savings than the coupons usually sent out twice a year.  $78.05 vs $20.00 in savings. Of course I'd buy it when it's cheaper. I have a pr like this one, in dark plum. I wear it for work and it's so good for my back and feet.....and other days.  May be expensive but the pr I have is still in good shape, sole wise as well.  Oh Joy-A!!! (made in Switzerland)

Then headed back to the parking garage I go through Kohl's and there I shopped as well. Baby clothes for a friend's little daughter born a few months ago. And these Fiestaware salsa bowls. I needed to replace some small Tupperware bowls. Of course, on way to buy at this store...and 20% off as well. Score!

Of course I had to try mine out with ice cream. Yep, it works! :-}  Sunday afternoon....down time after church and lunch. Then a bit of work done. Didn't make cookies as intended. It can wait!

.....Then there's plants....
My tea rose bouquet!

Non stop Begonia!


I really like the leaves on the red one!

Begonia and cannas were bought with my $10 Al's garden center color spots. I had hoped to get a snowball bush. They were all gone. spring I'll grab one sooner. Once they bloom people fall in love with them. I snoozed so I lost out this time! Sigh!



Cool this a.m. then to 73 degrees. Evening 63! Brrrr...was chilly when I went out to photograph the flowers! Megan had a sweatshirt on while watering them for me. Sure...go ahead! {It rained a bit but not enough to count!} I'm fine with that. I need to wash dishes. Put away our laundry that could have been done this a.m. but I wanted to mix the meatloaf up after I got my lunch done for work. Never ending process of keeping tabs on cleaning, de-cluttering, which I am truly working on. Checking off my list I wrote out in June! Still behind...quilt....needs cut, photos printed.....I'm glad there's something to do in my life. So much stuff that doesn't need to set around forever and be dusted, dug through, didn't need, then why did I buy it? UM.....
How are your summer...or whatever season you're in going.....busy...finding time to stay home ....

Currently Reading.....
Romal Tune's latest book,
"Love Is An Inside Job"
on my Kindle.
A good read. I met Romal a few years ago at a writer's conference. He's got quite the story and it's brought tears to my eyes and made me think quite a bit of what I have dealt with in my life. Thankful for people helping us through and God always there for us.

Reading my Bible on my cell phone at work when I'm on my lunch break. Our Daily Bread is what I have in pocket of lunch bag. 

Have a blessed week....what are you reading/crafting/cooking/knitting/planting?

"I have calmed and quieted myself."
Psalm 131:2


Anonymous said...

A blessed Tuesday to you. LOVE your tea rose--sooo beautiful! Congrats on your new Fiestaware salsa bowls! I love Fiestaware😉
God bless!

Betsy said...

Hello Becky! Here I am trying to catch up a little bit on people‘s blogs. I feel like I am so far behind. It looks like you got some good bargains on your shoes and the fiesta Ware. I see you chose the purple one! I need to get back to my decluttering project too. If we just knew what we were going to do after retirement I would have a lot better idea of things to get rid of. Have a lovely afternoon my friend.
Blessings always, Betsy

mamasmercantile said...

I am trying to catch up with other peoples blogs too after a small break away. I also have a stack of laundry to catch up on and then the garden. I often wonder since retirement how I ever had tie to go to work.

Anonymous said...

the Iris photo in your header are stunningly beautiful, I saw your comment on our friend in common Kathy so I came to visit you, you sound busy too, lol, never ending isn't it,, that Fiestaware is beautiful!!! I have joined as a follower and will be back, take care,,

Teresa Kasner said...

I love the Fiesta ware bowls.. I've always liked them but never started collecting them, and now I have too many collections and don't dare start another. The lavender festival looks like fun. The neighbors across the street are putting in a whole field of lavender and on the 4th of July she talked to us at the parade and I told her I'd like to buy some.. and lo and behold later that day she went out and scythed two big bunches for me and walked over and gave them to me. How cool is that? Have a wonderful week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)