Friday, July 27, 2018

Warm Grandma Days Ore Christian Convention grounds....(c)photo by Becky Lowmaster 2018 
Hello my friends! Thanks for stopping by to read on another warm day here in my spot in Oregon! Yesterday it was quite warm. I could even feel it in the store mid afternoon. I first thought I was getting sick or allergic to an essential oil I just used. Nope! Heat and a bit of thirst going on. 100 degrees F. when I drove from Bible study. I was not too comfy at the study even though we were inside and some air conditioning helping. When there's lots of people in two rooms, it's warm! But we had a good study, which was on the Lord's Prayer, Luke 11:1-4. also found in Matthew 6. Prayer outline given by Pastor Lon on Sunday is a good wrap up....1}I AM--His Name ...always say that in the beginning...who Jesus/God is.  2}Gratitude 3}Confession. 4}Petition. 5}Thanksgiving.

It's a stay at home day for me...not felt good, tummy wise. Drinking alot of water. Getting a few bills paid. Cleaning house. Staying cool.  Thursday was the hottest day so far and for 2 days I've been thirsty and so am drinking flavored stuff, not just water. Need to make more iced tea. Just got done drinking hot tea with milk in it....tea my friend Beth brought me from France. So good! Water is ok but not always that tasty. Plans were to eat out with my friend Jill for our birthdays....late. Eating out and tummy issues aren't!  Lower 90s temp next week, which looks good after Sunday's heat. Will see...just need to move on and get things done in spite of it all.   Prayers for my friend Beth as she's feeling weak, as usual from chemo but better a few days later....last chemo is first Tues of Aug. Her energy level is quite low right now. As is my granddaughter's as well...Melody (10). She has congenital hypothyroidism. On meds but added vitamin D to her diet but it takes 6 weeks for it to get into her system. She and her family have been enjoying OMSI as it's cool in there and fun things for the children to do.
Every newspaper and tv channel in our area are showing photos of wildfires that are going on....even into Redding, CA. We have young friends who live 20 miles away from there, Quanah's husband works there so may come home early today. They are getting ash from the fires that are so hot the firemen quit fighting them and get the people evacuated. So scary and so annoying these fires have been set on purpose! Lord have mercy on us all!  

Here's a link to a recent fire that started last night in Wasco County, near the Deshutes River

Even though it's been warm this week, Phil helped with the boys 4/5 grade class from church on late Wed afternoon. They went on an outing/hike to Willamette Mission Park. Afterwards they had food. They had a good time. The girls did crafts at the church.  Plants have been watered. Megan reset the bird bath this a.m. I tried to fix it last night while watering plants. Well it fell over this a.m. since some bird wanted water. They were squacking when she went outdoors to fix it! It's been to watch them come to the bath and drink and some get in it. Thankful they enjoy it! 

Gladiolius on a walk....(c)Becky Lowmaster 2018
I must move on into my day before it gets away from me. Oh my but my eyes are itching! There is more smoke in the air today and last evening too.......Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for your thoughtful comments.....oh by the way. I was approved to be a prayer volunteer at the 
Franklin Graham Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour! I got the email last evening! Looking forward to being there and hearing Franklin speak.  God bless you, one and all!


Betsy said...

We have a lot of smoke in the air here too but I did not realize those wild fires in California were purposefully set. How sad is that? It is so very dry everywhere this year. We’re out at the lake but it makes me a bit nervous because sometimes I worry about getting trapped in here if a fire begins. I do know that you can’t stop living because of fear though.
I’m sorry you’re not feeling well today my friend. I hope you start feeling better soon. Have you tried some oil‘s? Digize helps with tummy issues in a bit of water or tea.
It is supposed to be 102 here on Monday and Tuesday. I will definitely be staying home next week in the air-conditioning. Have a wonderful weekend my friend and feel better.
Blessings, Betsy

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear you are not well hoping you feel better soon. I was thrilled for you that you have been approved as a prayer volunteer. It is the school holidays here so I am taking the holiday club session on Sunday at Church.

Linda W. said...

Pretty flowers! Ugh, I am so done with this hot weather.

Mereknits said...

I am thinking of those you love who are not feeling well. Take care of yourself in that heat and hope your stomach is better.

Laury said...

I am so very sorry about the wildfires. It's scary. I can't even imagine. Love reading your blog even though I don't always comment. It's like a calmness in a crazy life. ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gladiolus! Hope you're feeling better and cooler soon 😊
Have a blessed Sunday!