Monday, August 13, 2018

Busy Times

 Which include going to the dentist on friday for my cleaning appointment. New to me dental hygenist was nice. With x-rays there was a cracked tooth found that needs a crown! Of course, in the back of my mouth. Never felt it crack neither! Then a tooth under my bridge I had put in a few years ago, needs fixed! But Dr Ben has a warranty on it for me so will not need to pay for the new bridge. Apparently there is some decay going on under there...I did what ordered to keep it clean! Praying it's a cavity and hopefully not in need of a root canal! I did pretty good for the last 2-3 this! Oh well! 

 Sunsets have been red/pink with the smoke in the air. Still happening. I love to go on walks but haven't been because lately my lungs aren't happy! I do go out and water the plants though. 
 Rose of Sharon blooming a bit. I could or should move it into more sunlight. It's been so hot though, what do ya think? 
Chinese lantern plant has got some orange color coming on! Love it too. I put some Black Gold potting soil on it and a few other plants as it has some fertilizer in it. It perked up my two roses that are new. Glad to see that happen this evening.

Megan got back this a bit ago from the Volcanoes game where she was a CERT/safety monitor. She found two baseballs,  one in the stadium and one right close to her car, which was fouled out of the ball park in the 10th inning, by a Volcano player. She got one autographed by the visiting Canadian team. 

So much going on and not alot of time to share. I worked on photos from our Spokane trip yesterday evening. We had a good long day to church and teaching and then church picnic by the Mollala River, It was so cool out there by the river after the baptisms in the river. Good to see friends and eat good food.  

A bit tired, but kitchen is cleaned, laundry done, leftovers of beef and veg soup from crockpot put away.......Justin and Erin on the hunt to find a place to live. Found one but the people showing triplex couldn't find the keys that belonged in the key box. It is affordable for them and bigger than where they live now.  They will go again soon. Prayers for the stress, especially on the children....little Lydia is 2 and not understanding what's happening and doesn't sleep well. I try not to stress and just give it all to the Lord. He knows what they need and will get them through it! Amen?
Thankful for coolness indoors. 96 degrees tomorrow, 92 on Wed and into the 80s Thurs....oh the summertime heat.  Now it's off to close down the laptop, lights and my eyes!!!

"Though I walk in the midst trouble, thou will revive me; thou shall streatch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me, thy mercy O Lord, endureth forever; forsake not the works of thine own hands." Psalm 138:7-8


Betsy said...

You have been a busy lady. I’m sorry about all the dental work. I had my cleaning last week and Dennis had his this morning and both are good. Thank goodness! The smoke is so bad over here. I woke up this morning at the lake and I couldn’t even see the water! I decided enough was enough and came home to the air-conditioning. My lungs hurt and I have a headache and my eyes were streaming. These fires are awful. I will be praying that the kids find a house soon and that it’s not to stressful for the grandchildren.
Much love and many blessings, Betsy

Kathy said...

Oh our teeth! There is always something going on with them. Hope everything gets fixed for you. My sister has some Rose of Sharon and she has them in the shade. They do well there. I don't have any so I know nothing about them. Yours are pretty. Hers are all shades of pink. Hope you have a good evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear about all the dental work and off course your family looking for affordable accommodation. They will be in my prayers, take care.

Gracie Saylor said...

The cooler weather this weekend and cleaner air have been wonderful this weekend, haven't they! May the Lord bless your dental work and the search for housing for your kids. It has been challenging for me to be "anxious for nothing" lately. Last week I was especially encouraged reading and rereading Psalm 34:1-10 and the whole chapter of Philippians 4. May your week be blessed, Becky! xx