Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tree and Me on Wednesday

  The new year still has close to Christmas and our fiber optic tree is still adorning the music stand. Small tree but I still put these nice handmade glittery ornaments on the tree. A blogger friend sent them to me a few years ago. Reminds me of earrings when I see them.

   Fun items that sit on edge of mirror shelf with feet hanging over! This weekend I'll get it all out away. Finish the last few calendars as well. Need to print more photos out.  Made myself stay off internet and get things done tonight. Off work at 4:30 Wed and Thurs helps get a few more things done.  Have 3 stacks of photos ready to stick on calendar blanks.
   This evening we called our son Justin. A tradition, started by my mom years ago, is to call birthday person on their birthday. Then sing happy birthday to him or her. Owen enjoyed it on his 8th birthday and liked the fun goodies at bottom of gift bag. Top had 3 pieces of clothing. Haha! Did that on purpose and small items transported better that way from grandpa to dad at work to son at home.

  Night has come and ready to finish my tea after reading a couple more chapters in chronological bible we're reading this year. Job isn't one of the ones I like to read but there's a story there that gets him thru to the end that's good. Conversations with friends who sit with Job. I'm thankful for friends who help us by praying for our problems and wait for God's answer. We've prayed a lot lately for a work situation that Megan's been going thru. Less hours. Now's she's transferred from bakery to deli. Glad she's still got work and praying she gets the job soon she's been hoping for. Jobs aren't easy at places and we do our best each day in the whacky times.....why is this happening? God help us all! Ah, the tea is finished so I'm done til next time. A merry rest of your week!
     "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me. Lord, your faithful love endures forever, do not abandon the work of your hands." Psalm 138:8
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Anonymous said...

We just put our decorations away last weekend. It’s such a big job. Dennis‘s birthday was yesterday too. All of the kids called him and he talked to his mom, brother and sister. I think it was a good day for him. We’re still praying for Megan‘s work situation. Thanks for the update. Blessings, Betsy

mamasmercantile said...

I will include Megan in my prayers, it must be a worrying time for her. We are busy trying to get some normality back to our little cottage and get back into a routine. e are still feeling a little tired from our travels. Take care.

krishna said...

This year I bought a planner instead of using the phone calendar. I'm really loving it.

Mereknits said...

Lovely sparky ornaments! I will keep Megan in my thoughts, you are so right working is hard and finding the perfect fit for a job is really difficult. I am also praying for my son to move on from his job and get something he deserves. Hugs.