Friday, February 8, 2019

Cool Week in many Ways

We've had a chilly week that brought an inch of snow on Monday morning. I took a quick trek outside to get a few lenten rose hellebores are so pretty in this weather. 

A chicken foot branch from our tree by the garage! I showed this photo to my pedicurist today and she laughed after I asked her if she could polish those toes! HAHA! We're waiting to see what happens this weekend and into the week.  Snow level down to sea level and up to where we are too. Megan and I were planning to attend IF:Gathering tomorrow but it's been postponed as many are coming from further miles where there could be snow. So it's going to happen early in March. Sigh...that's what happens in Oregon...snow in the forecast....cancellations everywhere!
On Thursday, I (personally) sold 548 pounds of ice/snow melt and two snow shovels at hardware store. I heard it was busy today as well.
Thursday I went to a prayer shawl ministry meeting at church late afternoon. We were given information how it works and saw shawls that were already crocheted. Knit or crochet prayers shawls and to pray for those in need in our community and beyond. To provide tangible evidence of our prayers for them as they wrap up in their prayer shawl. 
Here's some yarn that Jan had to give away. I already have some Lion Brand yarn I'm going to use to knit a shawl. I made one years ago for a lady who had cancer and that's one thing I blessed her with, even though I didn't know her. I'd been in a group called Chemo Angels who sent cards and items to help them through their cancer treatments.  
We'll meet once a  month and share, and crochet/knit then pray over shawls 
that are given out to people. May send one to someone I know after I make it!

I enjoy going to the salon where I get my pedicure done. This heart wreath is so pretty! I did get polish on my toe nails, even though it was chilly outdoors today. I need to wear sandals for an hour to make sure polish is set. It went ok. Put sox and shoes on after lunch and walked to health food store to get my free birthday gift from them. Celestial Seasonings chamoille tea was my choice. It's fun to get freebies near my birthday, which is next week!

 I popped into Bimart before getting groceries to get a few things. Pretty flowers already! Pansies work best for me, not primroses. Slugs like to eat them!!! I'm glad I got groceries when I did as I knew there would be people shopping after work for food since there's a snowstorm on it's way, It was busy at Safeway where Megan works. I may well do some baking since I'm home all day Sat. 

 Google photos popped a photo to me this a.m. Snow Feb 8, 2014----5 years ago! 
We'll see how much we get this year!

 And here's another one as well!

Enjoy your weekend! 


mamasmercantile said...

Hope the snow doesn't last too long and that you manage to get out and about alright. Love the wreath, so pretty. Such a lovely idea, a prayer shawl. I have never come across them before. Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is out with the snowblower again this morning. He’s doing the neighbors driveway right now. Our dusting of snow yesterday ended up being about 7 inches at our house and probably another six inches or so fell overnight. We have snow in the forecast every day for the next seven days! So much for our mild winter. And it’s cold! Windchill is 17 below zero.
I’m a bit jealous that you have a group that nets and crochets prayer shawls. I can’t seem to get anybody interested over here, so I’ve done it on my own for many years. I think I’ve made a total of about two dozen or so. It is a wonderful ministry. Stay warm my friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Linda W. said...

Yes the weather certainly has been interesting this week! We missed today's snow altogether, and I was disappointed. Happy early B-day to you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetheart! I've always wanted to make a prayer shawl. Love the idea! Hope you're enjoying the snow, despite the dicey road conditions. Have a great week, my friend!