Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Busy Am I....She wrote

      It's springtime.  Hardware store has been full of customers for 2 days.
 Thankful for coworkers who help me at the register. I wish there was a 3rd register on extreme busy days. But it works out well as customers are patient. Someone came in expecting to buy their items and put it on their account that was non existent. They were sure it was at our store. They finally left and the line dwindled faster.
     This afternoon a regular customer brought in fresh asparagus from his farm. Here's my bundle that Tish got for me when she got bought her bundle.  I look forward to eating it Thursday at dinner. Years ago I remember eating canned asparagus...store bought. Fresh is better!
     My prayer shawl is getting longer finally. Sunday eve while knitting and watching Call the Midwife on PBS with Megan, I realized I'd messed up. Finally found a dropped stitch a few rows below. I need to find my crochet hook and get the stitch back onto the needle. This will not be the same pattern I'll use next time.  Change can be good in some ways.
     It's been a busy month so far. Friday and Saturday will be busy. Looks like May has less busy-ness....SO FAR. I'll go with Phil in p.m. Sat to his hear his humorous speech at toastmasters speech competition. He made it thru to international competition!  WOW!
   I'm off the recliner soon and getting things cleared up for an essential oils event tomorrow evening. Always something to do at home but grateful to have a house to live in and food and clothes and family to live with and love.


Betsy said...

It was fun to read about your busy days at the store. Hopefully spring will have fully arrived at home when we return. Congrats to Phil on his Toastmaster competition. We always enjoy hearing his stories. I dropped a stitch on my socks while we were driving and I had a dickens of a time picking it up. Good luck with your shawl. It's beautiful.
We're having a good time at the beach. Sun is shining today while yesterday was a bit icky. My back was not good yesterday so we sat in the room and watched the waves. It could be worse!!!

Anonymous said...

I quite like reading through a post that will make people think.

Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog post. I certainly love this site.


Mereknits said...

I bet you have been busy as the weather warms and people are ready to get their plants and outside areas set for the summer. Have a wonderful week my friend.