Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rainy Days Away

          This was an interesting week, my friends. Phil and I took vacation days from work. Our plan worked but it rained most of the time we were gone. We stopped at Camp 18, off Hwy 26. Its close to Seaside. Very delicious food and restaurant cabin is a cozy and pleasant place eat a meal.
          Homemade clam chowder and cornbread with honey butter. I ate a third of the bread. Like a little loaf itself.
         Phil had a kielbasa breakfast platter .

          Still raining at Seaside. This blooming tree was pretty, even in the spring time chilly weather.
    Driving across Young bay to Astoria is the Astoria-Megler bridge ahead of the rain...☔! Rained when we went on a walk by the Columbia river....I have more photos for later....Stayed a night . Left late afternoon for the ☔ ⛵

      Mid afternoon on Friday we went out the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. No rain. Just clouds and sun. Many visitors. Lots of photos taken. I enjoyed seeing this Lil' Holland tractor. My youngest granddaughter would have liked that for sure. Nope...the grandkids weren't with us. Many adorable children with their parents were out and about enjoying the tulips.  One little girl came up to a tulip and asked her dad "what's that?"

We walked from the parking lot and past gift shop and Phil found a food vendor for his late lunch. A BBQ brisket sandwich with Texas spice bbq sauce. I snitched a bit of the meat. Yummy! 😋  Then we walked to the field instead of riding on one of passenger wagons. We were there 3 hours looking at the colorful flowers. Steam traction engines and an old Case tractor 🚜. Amazingly beautiful creation that God and the Iverson family has blessed our part of the world with. Wore boots since it's been raining for a week. 63 degrees F. Still wore a coat as it's farmland in the open air.  .......and today its back to cooler weather with a bit of ☔ . But I wasn't out in it much. A bit of grocery shopping. .....getting things done at home. Cooking up ground beef with onions, adding in a jar of marinara sauce and spices. Major portion for pizza for dinner. Remaining meat sauce will be used for another meal. Planning on knitting more rows on my prayer shawl for a friend tonight. Need to get it done soon as their premature baby is coming home next week! Amazing how well she's grown thru the months in the hospital.  The dad is a friend's son that live in eastern USA.
        I enjoy reading your comments. Not able to read any other language though.  I'm thankful for my readers around the world. God bless you and give you peace and protection.

       "Goodness and mercy shall follow        
    me all the days of my life,
               and I shall dwell in the
            house of the Lord forever."
             Psalm 23:6

      "Faith is extending an empty hand to God to receive His gift of grace." A.W. Pink



Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad you got to take a short vacation at the beach.. we're heading that way next week. Thanks for sharing the tulip fest photos.. I'd like to go visit again someday. Have fun with Betsy and Gracie!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay for time on the coast! Astoria is one of my favorite places there. Hope you will have more opportunities to visit Wooden Shoe before the tulip season ends--such pretty flowers.
Peace, Aimee

Betsy said...

Hi Becky, I'm way behind in blog commenting. I stayed off the computer for the most part while my sister was here. I just wanted to enjoy her company. Your trip sounds fun. I've never been to Seaside. Is it a long way out ot the way to head there before Lincoln City on Sunday? You always talk about Camp 18 and I'd like to eat there sometime.
We're looking forward to seeing you and Phil on Saturday. I cannot believe we're going to see the ocean again too. We've missed it so much. See you soon!

Mereknits said...

What a lovely few days off even if you had the rain. I am glad you got to relax and have some fun. Happy Easter.