Saturday, May 18, 2019

Busy ....Knitting and ....

     Rhododendrons in front lawn are so pretty! I'm enjoying the beauty of spring. Even had a thunderstorm pass over us late afternoon.  Wind. Rain. Thunder. Lightning. Two of my potted plants fell over. Set one back by the door. Waited til storm passed before I set up the other one.
 Thursday at work I checked this item to see if it would helps restore wood above siding. Scrap it. Clean it. Paint and seal it. It can be tinted as well. Hopefully more brochures become available so I can bring one home. Summer is coming and exterior house work needs done on garage. Eventually garage needs a new roof. Thankfully house gets paid off by Sept, if I did my math correctly!
This afternoon I added another color to the prayer shawl I'm knitting. I like how it's turning out. Watching that I don't drop a stitch and keep tabs on stitching. Knit 2. Purl 2. Knit 2. Purl 2.....I did find a dropped stitch , where the purple yarn is. Oh dear me! I'm not pulling out all those rows! I'd never get this shawl finished. I figured a little trick with a few inches of yarn then through the stitch. Then tie it somehow or thread it thru shawl. Then....will see how it works out.

  Phil and I were busy today. I made a breakfast in bread for main dish for a brunch at our house at 11 a.m.  (eggs, flour, ham, 2 cheeses and milk and oregano and dehydrated onions). Vera/Elaine brought homemade cinnamon rolls and Pat/Timeo brought fruit salad and Mary/Christian brought juice. We had a good time together. Miss having Lyle with Vera. He died in Nov.  Its a get together with 4 couples, from church and we meet at different houses each month, once a month, for 4 months. We did it last year too. Good food and get know people better.
  Then we went to church for the car show that hosted by Juan from our church and car clubs. Interesting vehicles and got some nice photos on my camera. Was there a couple hours. Loud music but good 🎶. I'll share photos later.
    I'm on the recliner. Relaxing. Need to wash dishes again. Take out garbage. Head for bed soon.
  Please pray that the strike won't happen or be very long at Safeway and Fred Meyer. Megan and other employees aren't allowed to cross the picket line.  Meat cutters union are the ones voting to strike.  They make more money than others in the store. Why lose money when you're on strike because you want higher wages? Other employees suffer from losing their money because they aren't allowed to work. Just keep working. Ok! I'm off my soap box!!
  Have a good weekend!


Betsy said...

I hadn't heard about a strike but then again, I rarely watch the news anymore. I hope it doesn't come to that. I agree with you. Striking just makes everyone miss out on wages.
Your rhodies are gorgeous. I wish I had planted some here at our house but never got around to it. Now, if we're moving in 3-4 years it doesn't seem worth it. They'll just get going blooming about the time we're gone!
Your social group sounds like lots of fun. We used to do something similar, but many people moved away.
Have a lovely Sunday Becky. I'm off to Sunday School now.

Mereknits said...

You sound very, very busy. I am coming over for leftovers! Have a wonderful week.

Linda W. said...

Your rhodies are beautiful!