Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Focus

 The week's nearly over and a few things done but more need done. Like keeping life at home organized and my mind in tune with the Lord daily. The butterfly shone bright for a while the other night then quit shining. It's like my life at times. Good ideas and I start working on organization of my office space. Then it goes awry. But still keep at it til it's done. (The butterfly solar light was brought to hardware store as it didn't work well. I was allowed to take it home. Still nice without the light.)
 Yesterday after work I dropped off some Young Living Thieves products at an elementary school close to where I live. Principal wanted them as the foaming hand soap in toxin free and good for adults and children to use when they are out in the garden box area. I was able to see the garden area since I was talking with the principal. He's done an amazing job out there. Each grade has a box to take care of. Part of school. I donated the items as they'd been asking for donations at hardware store where I work. Long story short ....he was grateful and it was nice meet him.
 Some plants were starters while others were started from seeds. Definitely tell where the carrots and onions are coming up. Tomatoes. Peppers.

 Side of building painted hands by children. Sunflower painted by someone. Thankful for an interesting class for young children and the mind of the principal to take on this work!
Photo by Becky Lowmaster © 2019
 View from my car windshield when I parked to get fruit and veggies from Bauman Farms ๐Ÿšœ this afternoon after getting a few groceries. Music ๐ŸŽถ on Klove blesses my heart then to see this view just made my day!! Thank you Lord for the beauty you have placed here on ๐ŸŒŽ for all of us to see and acknowledge you as the creator of heaven and earth!
Bought a flat of peaches. Will cut them up when they become more ripe and put in freezer. Next week is end of peach season. I have many things to do and not enough time to can. Maybe I should dehydrate some too?! Still have my dehydrator. Not used it in awhile. Also bought a big Walla Walla onion, tomatoes and lettuce and purple cabbage. Local grown food is great to eat!
  We have no internet since yesterday afternoon so our Roku tv is not connected. Sigh! Not able to be on my laptop for internet usage. Its a bit annoying but it will come back eventually. Our modem most likely needs replaced. Unplugged it twice. Didn't work. Just followed directions. Take it over tomorrow to get it replaced at wave store. I asked them today about it. Technology good until its not working.        Annoying....but life moves on and it will work out ok. There was life without the internet years ago!
  Enjoy your weekend and take care! Any plans besides staying home?

"The Lord God of Jacob blesses everyone who trusts Him and friends on Him. " Psalm 146:5

"Hidden in the hollow of His blessed hand, never for can follow."....Frances R. Havergal


Betsy said...

I think your butterfly is very pretty and it was really kind of you to donate the Thieves products. How neat that the children learn to garden at school. I think it's very smart to teach them those skills so young.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Teresa Kasner said...

Those peaches look delish. My mom made the best peach pie. We spent time with family at Waldo Lake last Saturday and then took our two grandsons for a steam train trip at Garibaldi on Wed. Summer is nearly over. Sad.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)