Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Flowers and Fun Times

It's been a ☔ week so far but not as bad as predicted. Lots of breeze today. Still enjoying the sunflowers in the area. Some by our neighbor's driveway, one by my rose bush. Another neighbor has some too. Megan thinks it's the birds dropping seeds. Who knows? 
 Megan and I went to chicks nite out at Baumans a couple weeks ago. There's my pumpkin cookies to the far left. Entry 21! More after that. No...didn't win. Even my friend, Jewel,from church didn't win. Her baked goods are great. Oh well...ya never know. Leftovers were eaten by the crowd of women still there on a warm night!
 Pumpkin time is here again.
 Nice bushy flowers!
 Rooster and hens.
 Greenhouse we were in...waiting for dinner. Baked potato bar. And delicious pumpkin dessert and drink $10.
 Haybales. I always enjoy seeing these every year. Notice the clouds beind them? Didn't rain but there were lightning strikes and rain in other places. Humid. Warm inside the store at Baumans.

 Once we got home, the sun was setting and stood outside to watch the colors change. Purple clouds! ☁ ☁ something I've not seen before.
       Following morning I had my monthly pedicure. Choices...I picked the blue one. Best worst day ever.....color name. Its a nice color.
 Flowers outside the salon shop.
     Jesus Calling book given to me by a customer at work! Surprised for sure and I enjoy reading it. A short daily devtional!
 Sunday after lunch at Red Robin we really liked this bush in front of our car when we left restaurant. May get one like that for area we just got cleared.

 Fall plants in front of a garden center I stopped in to find a plant for a retirement party. One we wanted was way too expensive. Didn't buy a thing!
 New fall rugs at work on Monday
 Nice flower baskets. I wouldn't mind having one. But don't really need it. Saving pennies
    Display by register! Halloween already...Arg! Fall is upon us!!!
 New bowls, tea kettles and canisters. Designed in UK. So pretty. Newly set up...Oh wow... So nice.
 Megan and I stopped in at Walgreens after dinner. She needed to get something Bimart didn't have in stock. We always go thru seasonal aisle. MnMs..
That MnM face looked me after I'd gone to bed. Nearly asleep and heard rain pouring down very hard. Think it even woke Phil up as he'd quit snoring. Zzzzz...finally let up after several minutes. Looked out this a.m. and everything seemed to be ok. Not sure if any flower pots fell over cuz I didn't want to open the door. Another day of rain ☔ then dry weather Thurs.
    A few unions are looking like strikes are going to happen. Praying it doesn't happen.  It'll affect Megan's job as well as other people, as well as shoppers at grocery stores.
    Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping in and leaving comments!
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     "And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Acts 2:21



Betsy said...

I always liked Baumans when Mandy was in Clackamas. We used to visit every fall. I love those blue bowls in the display at your store as well as all of the doormats. We don't celebrate Halloween but even I was surprised to see decorations out almost two months ago.
I hope the strikes don't happen. It would be a shame for all of the working people. I truly believe the only ones that win in strikes are the unions themselves. My Mom was a union member for almost 35 years. Don't get me started on how the union treated her and her coworkers. :-( . It turned me off all of them.
Our trip is going well so far. We're in Casper, Wyoming tonight. The forexast was for rain all day today and we didn't see one cloud. God is SO good. Our housesitter is doing great taking care of Chloe and everything there.

Teresa Kasner said...

I like those grasses with the pretty plumes, too. You'd enjoy having one in your garden. Sorry your cookies didn't win but I bet they are yummy. What kind did win? I've been feeling the urge to bake something.. lol. My newest plant for the house is a ZZ plant. Have you seen them? They are not supposed to be watered very often. Have a super weekend soon.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

mamasmercantile said...

The sunflower and certainly the hay bales made me smile. I loved the bowls at your place of work and the fall rugs were a delight. You certainly seem to be keeping busy. Hope all goes well with the unions for Megans job.

roughterrain crane said...

I have never seen painted hay bales. I imagine the painters were full of joy.