Sunday, October 20, 2019

IPA, Cards and TV

I just finished making and ordering my Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly. Enough room for photos of family and a short spiel of the year on the back of card! DONE! Not got all the gifts bought yet but getting some once in awhile when I spot items I know someone would like to have.  

After I was done at a meeting on Friday, I stopped to pick up some groceries at Safeway. I spotted this funny looking carton of Ale. I'd just been to a meeting with friends, learning about IPA, which is income producing activity. Megan thought had to do with a type of ale!!! NOT!!! Thus the funny photo above!!! I'm thankful I made it home safely. It was raining, but not badly. But being it was dark and rain and mist in the air from vehicles, it was sometimes hard to see the lines on street and interstate. Staying alert is a good thing to do for me...and others as well. 

Spent some time watching Poldark (on PBS) with Megan late afternoon. I've gotten into that show and love the photography, especially the scenery. Late dinner for me, sheets off bed, which I should have done earlier.....that's what happens when one's mind/body is busy elsewhere. Looking online Columbia sportswear for a rain coat that's warm enough for this time of year. Think I found one, but not able to get my veteran discount on line...oh...just may go to the outlet store that's not too far. Sigh!
 Have a great week and be blessed with all you have! Hugs!!!


Betsy said...

Good Morning Becky. It sounds as though you had a busy weekend. We're almost done with Christmas shopping. Since we're celebrating when all of the kids are home for Thanksgiving, I don't have much time to get it all done.
Wise lady in being careful on the roads. Neither of us much like driving after dark anymore and add the rain and mist into it and I would much rather just stay home.
Have a great Monday my friend.

Mereknits said...

You have been very busy my friend. Hope you have a wonderful week.